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Operationalising content at American Express

content, culture change,

How do you help one of the world’s leading financial institutions scale its content? We’ve introduced new planning and editorial processes to American Express to create efficiency gains and increase customer engagement.


Introducing editorial processes to Porsche

brand, content,

We took one of the world’s most iconic brands and turned it into a customer-first publisher. We gave Porsche a set of editorial processes that made its content more relevant and valuable to its audience.


Award-winning approach to social media

brand, content, customer experience,

Energy brands and audience advocacy don’t always go hand-in-hand. We introduced best practice processes to a leading energy brand’s social content, helping to top league tables, win awards and receive praise from BBC’s The One Show.


Helping Microsoft Mobile reach B2B decision makers

brand, content,

Earning the attention of time-poor CIOs is no easy task. We gave Microsoft Mobile a thought-leadership content programme that focussed on productivity, collaboration and innovation – all the things that mattered most to its audience.

Find out why our Smarter Everyday series has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.


Breaking down content silos for the RSPCA

content, culture change,

The RSPCA’s content is essential for building awareness and raising donations. We designed and delivered content strategy and planning workshops to help it break its production silos and operationalise its content.


Unifying the Picturehouse Cinemas brand


We gave Picturehouse Cinemas a new identity that connects its 20 UK cinemas online and off, while remaining true to each building’s unique character.

Read more about our work with Picturehouse.


Building a new global brand for academics


For researchers, collaboration means more opportunities and more funding. We helped the University of Warwick create the Piirus brand name, identity and platform to allow researchers from over 70 countries to work together.


Shifting Rapha into storytelling gear

brand, content,

Many brands want to become storytellers, but don’t have a rich heritage to fall back on. That wasn’t the case with Rapha. Our creative director helped develop the brand and create a storytelling approach to bring the brand to life.


Evolving Enigma’s brand

brand, content,

When you’ve got world-class products, you need a brand that showcases them. We created a new visual identity for Enigma Bicycle Works that supports its vision in digital and print. Read more about our brand redesign for Enigma.


Discovering effective social media strategies for Twitter

customer experience,

What kind of social media strategy is effective for brands? For Twitter, we investigated whether campaign or always-on approaches were better for reaching customer audiences and driving engagement, awareness and advocacy.

Read our full report for Twitter here.


Porsche’s audience-first approach

customer experience,

How much do you know about your audience? We helped Porsche understand its customers’ needs and how they engaged with the brand, inspiring changes its approach to customer experience and content.


Creating a better digital experience for Picturehouse Cinemas

brand, customer experience,

Understanding the audience is crucial to a brand like Picturehouse Cinemas. We gave it a clear understanding of its customers’ online behaviour, allowing it to create a better digital experience and greater personalisation.

Read more about our work with Picturehouse.


The University of Warwick’s customer-first digital library

content, customer experience,

We believe in the value of taking an audience-first approach with everything we do. We turned the University of Warwick’s online library into a responsive site, built around the audience’s needs.


Training digital leaders at TUI Travel

culture change,

When it comes to digital transformation, investing in new technology and systems isn’t enough. We developed a behavioural change programme for TUI Travel, helping its leaders analyse trends, collaborate and innovate.

Read the full case study here.


A digital curriculum for The FT

brand, content, culture change,

Global publishers are constantly under pressure in constantly changing digital landscape where new competitors in news and business information are constantly emerging. We designed, branded and delivered a global learning programme called FT Digital Campus, covering everything from digital media skills to leadership, agile innovation and customer experience.


Creating a culture of collaboration with Picturehouse Cinemas

culture change,

How do you operationalise content for brands with multiple teams and offices? We worked with Picturehouse Cinemas to create a common language and knowledge among its UK teams, developing a standard way of measuring the performance of its digital content.