Transforming traditional marketing for a heritage brand, with consumer-first digital capability training

The story

Traditional marketing practices were failing to keep this heritage food brand in consumers’ kitchens.

We are delivering a game-changing capability programme to transform the way the organisation thinks about, plans and measures marketing. Our programme is shifting Barilla from traditional to modern marketing. 

What was at stake?

Barilla have been a staple pasta brand in Italy for over 100 years. But a failure to change along with the march of time meant they were in danger of losing their audience to newer, low-quality competition and the rapid growth of direct to consumer brands. 

Unless their marketing team could quickly transform their skills, mindset and processes, it wouldn’t be long before Barilla found themselves in hot water.

Our work

We have designed and delivered a complete digital capability programme for key Barilla stakeholders, repositioning their entire approach to marketing. 

Our work focuses on empowering ground-level change through the use of social listening, data, consumer personas, creative content planning, measurement and optimisation. The outcome is a redefined mindset and approach to product launch campaigns.

Our programme is sponsored by the CMO and is reaching all marketing and ecommerce teams, from the company owners to new starters.

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