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The Story

The best in the world – that is the ambition. The CMO wants Asahi to excel as a marketing organisation in terms of focus, ways of working and results. They needed to improve the quality and consistency of their marketing, across all brands and international markets. We worked with them to develop FOCUS – the operational blueprint to transform impact and efficiency.

The Challenge

There was a lack of consistency across Asahi’s markets – including marketing operations, quality and performance. This meant they were wasting, time, budget, and risking brand reputation. They needed a new method to support improved, consistent ways of working.

What we did

We developed a new marketing method and a brand, FOCUS, to reset their global approach to marketing.

FOCUS is about what’s crucial to the future of the business – leaving behind what’s not important. It defines and communicates the absolute fundamentals that every market must put in place, and a clear view of the end-to-end operational model.

The five principles are:

  1. We make our priorities clear – all about strategy, objective and target setting.
  2. We focus on real people – about research and consumer insight.
  3. We create iconic brands – encompasses their method of brand building.
  4. We aim higher – covers the entire campaign planning process, working with agencies to develop inspiring advertising and content.
  5. We succeed together – outlines their ambition and aspiration to collaborate and work as one team across all markets.

These principles bring clarity, set expectations and empower people to make the right decisions and ask the right questions. It’s based on their priorities and their ambition for the future for Asahi.

The Results

FOCUS has dramatically transformed Asahi’s operational model from a European initiative to a global standard.

The hero method not only secured comprehensive buy-in across the company but also fostered a culture of agility and continuous improvement.

FOCUS has inspired both individual marketers and the entire organisation, enhancing Aashi’s digital capabilities significantly. Its simplicity and clarity have driven marketing effectiveness in streamlining processes and producing better results for Asahi’s brands worldwide.

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