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Optimising creative content production, influencer strategy and measurement across international teams

The story

The film industry is under constant threat from a digital audience revolt.

Our programme has empowered one of the world’s biggest movie studios to adapt for the digital age.

What was at stake?

As digital disruption continues to upturn the film industry, consumers need greater encouragement to turn away from alternative viewing platforms in favour of the cinematic experience.

For an organisation like Universal Pictures International that would require both a significant investment in digital marketing skills, and a refined focus on local audience needs.

Our work

We partnered with Universal Pictures International to develop relationships within every major territory.

We have used that insight to diagnose local pain-points and create training and new ways of working which scale globally.

We are continuing to optimise the planning and distribution process for creative assets, and have redefined social influencer strategy to increase international box office performance.

“Brilliant Noise over-delivered with energy, understanding the culture of the business for successful delivery. They’ve proven themselves to be really useful and valuable. Working with them is a prudent investment.”

Neil Wirasinha

Head of Media, Digital and Social, Universal Pictures International

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