Increasing content efficiency by 500% and engagement by 200%

Scaling content and breaking down silos is a challenge for global organisations. We helped American Express to do just that.

We introduced new processes that operationalised content and connected teams for a set of pilot markets. This approach delivered fast change: customer engagement doubled and there was a five-fold increase in content utilisation. It also delivered lasting value, changing thinking about content and making the case for a global rollout.


Breaking down silos and joining up content

American Express was making a significant investment in content both centrally and in local markets. But a siloed approach limited the impact.

There were two major opportunities for improvement:

  • Increasing engagement with customers and prospects through consistent, relevant content throughout the decision journey.
  • Improving efficiency with streamlined processes that would increase collaboration and local utilisation of global content.

The goal was to work towards a cohesive, collaborative model for content planning, production and distribution.


Pinpointing the challenges

We wanted to research how American Express worked and how its content performed so we could get a fuller picture of the challenges at play.

We spent time getting to know the organisation from the inside out: we ran workshops with central teams and spent time with local markets.

The research uncovered a number of elements that we felt would help American Express reach its goal:

  • Unifying teams around a common purpose and set of objectives.
  • Synchronising content planning and implementing a shared editorial calendar.
  • Creating more dialogue between central teams and local markets.
  • Extending lead times and aligning timelines.


Building the Editorial Hub

We brought these elements together in our solution: the Editorial Hub.

The Hub is an end-to-end system for content. It promotes more consistent, customer-focused content through a shared purpose, guiding principles, and objectives. It has a shared set of processes that increase efficiency, collaboration and reduce waste.

To prove the concept, we ran a pilot. It focused on central teams and two very different test markets.

Increased engagement and efficiency with lasting impact

American Express’s bold approach was rewarded with fast change. In the pilot markets, customer engagement doubled and there was a five-fold increase in content utilisation.

It also had a lasting impact. The teams involved in the Editorial Hub were transformed – a collaborative approach replaced silos. The pilot created a clear business case for change and the foundations for a global rollout.