Scaling content and breaking down silos to increase customer engagement globally

The story

A siloed approach to content planning was undermining the effectiveness of global content.

We developed a pilot in partnership with markets to deliver fast change and a blueprint for scaling content operations globally.

What was at stake?

American Express invests heavily in content both centrally and in local markets. A siloed approach to content planning and distribution was seeing a lot of global content wasted and inconsistent customer engagement.

The challenge was; how to deliver faster, more relevant content, to local customers throughout the customer decision journey.

Our work

We launched a pilot with a mandate for designing 
new content planning and distribution processes, 
in partnership with a group of international territories.

This approach delivered fast change to workflow and performance. Customer engagement doubled, and 
there was a five-fold increase in content utilisation.

The pilot was the business case for change and attracted advocates from across American Express to scale this 
new approach to the whole content organisation.

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