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The opportunity

EDF needed to find a way to capture attention for and drive signups to their new electric vehicle (EV) offering.  They also needed to launch their new brand positioning, Generation Electric, which brings to life the fact that they’re the leading low-carbon energy provider in the UK.

Their solution for helping customers go electric is a one-stop-shop for EVs. They now offer electric car leasing deals, install a home charger, and offer a 100% renewable, cheap energy tariff for charging at home overnight. Our job was to drive awareness, traffic and deliver, quite literally, ‘bums on seats’.

What we did

We developed the Electric Adventures campaign: an influencer-led, six-part film series of UK road trips in electric cars.

The films busted myths about driving electric by showing the influencers’ very real experiences of driving an EV for the first time. Each episode was supported by shorter social edits, as well as content created by the influencers and shared from their own accounts.

We hand picked influencers to feature in the campaign who had audiences that reflected the EDF persona data. This ensured the content matched the audience groups we wanted to target.

The films fuelled a full multi-channel digital advertising and PR campaign. With ongoing social media, regular blog articles and search optimisation to capture electric vehicle sales queries and build EDF’s authority in the space to place them at the top of Google.

The Results

The films racked up an average of 3 minutes and 40 seconds watch time, practically unheard of for an energy provider. 733% above target. Reaching over 1 million viewers.

SEO delivered over 550k non-brand keyword impressions and 1000 search teams that put EDF on page one of Google. Our EV landing page generated 4 minutes of dwell time – 200% higher than usual for the site.

Not only did we rank higher for electric vehicles – the brand perception of EDF shifted favourably upwards and sales volumes increased far beyond expectations.

And the work picked up awards including; Drum Digital Advertising Award Winner, DMA Finalist, Influencer Marketing Awards Finalist, Online Influence Award Finalist & 2 DADI Awards Nominations.

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