Reinvigorating a telecommunications giant with contemporary brand thinking

The story

Tata Communications were struggling to drive leads and inspire C-suite decision makers.

Our reimagined branding, website, and content strategy has attracted an entirely new and engaged audience.

What was at stake?

Despite carrying 80% of the world’s mobile data and 25% of all internet traffic, Tata Communications were virtually unheard of within the telecommunications market.

They needed to increase brand awareness and visibility in search, or else face a decline in inbound leads, industry status and ultimately revenue.

Our work

We have created a new brand identity for Tata Communications based on genuine customer needs.

Launched via a through-the-line campaign, we reintroduced one of India’s favourite brands to its home market, and redeveloped all digital channels to maximise visibility and conversion to lead.

This has resulted in a 22% increase in both brand awareness and purchase consideration, alongside a 135% increase in leads via the new platform.

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