Generating B2B leads using truly customer-centric content

We enable Tata Communications to stand-out significantly from competitors and peer B2B brands by telling human emotive stories, driven by customer data.

Tata Communications is at the edge of the internet; it provides the technology that enables the digital transformation of many of the world’s leading companies. The brand needs to connect with customers by providing useful, engaging content at each stage of the customer decision journey.

Tata Communications’ content was not receiving the attention that an industry defining company deserved. Its site content was not customer-led – it was jargon-heavy, focused on communicating technical details and product facts rather than meeting customer needs.



“Brilliant Noise’s relentless focus on the customer through robust data and insight is exactly what we need. The team have worked with us to ensure that we’re always working effectively and efficiently and that continuous improvement is at the core of everything we do.”

Craig Hepburn, Global Vice President, Digital Marketing & Brand at Tata Communications.



Moving from product-focused to customer-centric

We began by mapping customer behaviour data to understand the language and information needs of customers at each stage of their decision journey. This customer data informed a fresh website design, IA and content strategy. We restructured the content, leading with the benefits and outcomes made possible by the products and not the technical details.

To test this approach we focused on improving the awareness and visibility of Tata Communications’ Cloud Computing content.


The outcome

Focusing our strategy on the language of the customers, we increased organic search traffic landing directly on the Cloud pages by 81%. The average time spent on the new pages increased from 2 minutes 26 seconds to 3 minutes 20. The new Cloud Services pages have a bounce rate of 57% since launch, compared to a site wide average of 77%. In addition, the Cloud Services pages we created saw a 180% improvement in ‘contact us’ form completions and gated downloads.

We have now rolled out this customer-focused approach to all areas of

Empowering the business

We put customer and performance data at the heart of Tata Communications’ marketing function with the creation of a customised measurement dashboard. The dashboard focuses on customer needs at every stage of their decision journey and the interplay between channels and touchpoints (in contrast to the typical channel-focus to measurement).

We designed a framework for the brand and digital team to lead the paid media, social media and communications across all internal teams and agency partners. This internal capability provides the Tata Communications team with greater strategic control.

As a consequence Tata Communications gets the attention it deserves and stands out in the competitive B2B marketplace.