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Boosting conversion by creating a human brand

When you shift from assumption-led marketing to customer-first, data-driven content the results are staggering. 

Launching a new, human brand and revitalising ways of working meant Tata Communications grew their leads by 135% and increased conversion by 160%.

Telling emotive, human stories and connecting with the customer at every single touchpoint impacts not just your brand awareness, but your sales.

The challenge: cross-sell effectively and grow brand awareness

Tata Communications needed to reach and engage C-level decision makers. 

Our challenge was to help them stand out from competitors, grow awareness for the brand and products, and cross-sell effectively to existing customers. 

The company provides a digital infrastructure that enables the world’s leading companies to operate. However, it was struggling to drive sales leads for key products in the cloud and security space. 

Before our partnership, marketing content was produced based on what each product team thought they needed for each channel – not what would drive the greatest value for customers. Messaging wasn’t reaching or resonating with the audience, and content creation was expensive, inefficient, and ineffective. 

What we did: created a human brand and new ways of working

We told human, emotional stories that deeply connected with customer needs. 

To kick off, we defined clear, data-led customer personas, then created a content strategy and a new website that met the needs of customers at each stage of their decision journey.

We then redesigned global marketing operations and ways of working, including:

  • A digital briefing tool and content playbook that improved prioritisation, brand consistency, collaboration and the impact of content. 
  • A new end-to-end lead generation method (the Digital Demand Generation Strategy) to measure and optimise all brand touchpoints: from billboards to social media.

What happened: a complete shift to digital, customer-first content

Performance skyrocketed as assumptions gave way to customer-first, data-led marketing. 

  • Brand awareness and purchase consideration increased by 22%.
  • Leads grew by 135%. 
  • Organic search traffic increased by 25%.
  • Visit-to-lead conversion increased by 160%.

Tata Communications shifted from channel and intuition-led marketing to true customer, data-led marketing. A once jargon-heavy, technical website is now meeting customer and business needs at every click. 

In recognition of the commercial impact of the work, investment shifted from offline media to content and social distribution. 

This resulted in the rollout of a new marketing team structure, the hiring of new roles (especially in the social media and performance marketing area) and ongoing investment in customer-first, data-led content marketing.

“Excellent agency who focus on business transformation through robust processes, frameworks and digital creative that will help any company succeed in the modern world of business.”

Craig Hepburn

Global Vice President, Digital Marketing & Brand

“We are committed to playing a role in nurturing the country’s business potential and enabling outstanding customer value by simplifying digital transformation across industries. Brilliant Noise’s creatives help celebrate the spirit of India while showcasing our customer and partner relationships, as well as our innovative portfolio of products and services spanning network, cloud, mobility and security.”

Julie Woods-Moss

President, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer


Uplift in conversion rate from relaunch of .com


Increase in organic search conversion


Increase in lead generation


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Purchase consideration




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