Powering the operational engine behind global newsrooms

We designed a ‘create once publish everywhere’ communications strategy to support the adidas newsrooms.

adidas’s newsrooms are renowned for their excellence in social content. The Social Products and Services (SPS) team is responsible for the tech that powers them. It needed a highly collaborative partner to help build stronger content operations.

We designed an internal comms strategy, covering support, training and expertise. It allowed SPS to put the needs of the newsrooms at the heart of the operational engine powering content.


“Brilliant Noise have challenged our priorities and ways of working to enable us to have maximum impact in a fast-paced digital environment.”

Kris Ekman, Global Director Social Products and Services, adidas


Supporting adidas in their strategic goals

As part of its strategy of ‘Creating the New’ adidas is focusing on three things:

  • Speed – cutting the amount of time it takes products and content to market, satisfying customer needs fast and making quick internal decisions.
  • Cities – focusing on key cities is the way to win whole markets.
  • Open source – engage with customers, athletes, retailers and partners more than ever before.

Its newsrooms, in key cities around the world, are essential to achieving these goals. adidas currently has nine country specific newsrooms, with many more planned for 2016. The newsrooms work in real-time, collaborating with central brand teams while also keeping a finger firmly on the local pulse.

SPS is responsible for the technology that powers social at adidas. It provides the tools to empower the newsrooms in planning, publishing and measuring great content. SPS plays a crucial role in helping adidas meeting its goal of creating the new.

SPS partnered with Brilliant Noise to identify and provide the support, expertise and training to enable the newsrooms to use social technology effectively.


Understanding the role of tech in brand newsrooms

To help SPS and adidas achieve such ambitious global objectives, we started with the users’ needs.

We spent time with senior stakeholders to understand central and global challenges and visited several of the newsrooms. This involved shadowing the team to understand the technological and operational challenges they face.

The time we spent with the newsrooms to plan and provide support and governance ensured that the processes we created would be user-first, bottom-up and collaborative.

“Great team, great input, really enjoy working with everyone at Brilliant Noise.”

Marianna Faynshteyn

Senior Manager, Digital Planning and Activation, adidas

Defining the content strategy for internal comms

We applied innovative content thinking to define an internal comms strategy for SPS. We designed a ‘push and pull’ strategy that allows the SPS team to push out content and support to the newsroom, but, crucially, it also also enables the newsrooms to pull out the content on demand.

It uses a ‘create once publish everywhere’ approach, where the content is automatically pushed and pulled into the multiple platforms that are embedded in different newsrooms – from Slack to Confluence to email.

We also created a measurement framework that holds the comms strategy to account. It shows where SPS has driven behaviours that have a commercial impact, and demonstrates the value of support and governance.