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At Brilliant Noise we love to bring brilliant marketers together to deep-dive into their biggest problems. We’re running roundtables for small groups – it’s fun, practical, “marketing therapy”. Have a look at the line-up and apply for a place if a topic takes your fancy.

Our upcoming events:

How can you be green without the wash?

TBC 16:15 – 17:45 on Zoom

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How can you be green without the wash?

TBC, 16:15 – 17:45 on Zoom

Brands want to do the right thing, and talk about it. How else can you convince consumers you’re one of the good guys? Yet, Greenwashing is everywhere and difficult to avoid.

So is the best thing to do just quietly get on with it and not attempt to talk about sustainable practices? After all, talking about more than just recycled packaging invites critics to accuse you of greenwashing and opens you up to getting harsh reminders of an unsustainable past.

But without brands standing up for better consumption, demonstrating the importance of making better choices and creating a want and a need for sustainably produced goods, where will we be?

Join us to explore the paradox between sustainability storytelling and avoiding greenwashing. We’ll discuss:

  • The fear and paralysis of greenwashing: How do you work for good, with integrity, without being held back by the fear of greenwashing?
  • How should we define greenwashing? And how can we avoid it?
  • The age of better consumerism: How can we inspire more consumers to buy sustainable products, even if they are more expensive or harder to use?
  • Being green without the wash: If a brand still isn’t 100% sustainable, should they be joining the conversation?
  • Switching perception: How do brands that have an unsustainable past now stand for good?
  • Moving the needle: How do you know if the stories you are telling (or are planning to tell) are making a difference to the planet?

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