Nokia’s social media strategy and principles


Image: Nokia’s Facebook profile – just one place where its social media stories, numbers and conversations approach plays out

It was really great to see some of our work being covered over on the Econsultancy blog last week.

The post – A Closer Look At Nokia’s Global Social Strategy – looks at how Nokia worked with us to articulate its social media strategy:

As part of this process, Brilliant Noise went out and spoke to Nokia employees from around the world. After stripping away the jargon or technical speak, it seemed that people referred to ‘social’ in three key ways:

  • Stories: The large and small ways in which Nokia and its products are changing people’s lives. Content assets, insights, folklore, the scattered matter that makes up what the brand is both for its employees and its customers. Stories bring to life the essence of Nokia’s brand for customers and employees alike.
  • Conversations: The connections with customers and other influencers online; the dialogue that keeps Nokia open and honest; the conversations between customers that Nokia can learn from.
  • Numbers: The data and insights that flow from Nokia into the social web and vice versa; the measures and evaluation methods to understand what is happening and how decisions can be made.

As this article acknowledges at the outset, Nokia is an organisation facing massive challenges in a market where a few years ago it seemed unchallengeable.

It’s notable, though, that many of the leading major brands in social media developed their approaches as part of their fight-backs – think Ford, Dell, Starbucks.


As with many of the clients we’ve worked with – and the best examples out there, what this ends up being about is articulating principles. These are Nokia’s:

  1. Consider the social opportunity in everything we do 
  2. Engage in better conversations with more consumers 
  3. Deliver personal experiences, be authentic, and earn trust 
  4. Sharing is more important than control
  5. Define clear objectives from the outset 
  6. Invest and commit to social presences

Principles are not remote, hypothetical things – they can serve variously as a light-tough guide, a framework for debate, calls to action and a licence to the bold in any organisation to explore the possibilities of social media.

For us this project wasn’t a case of inventing how they do social – they and their formidable in-house and agency teams were doing a great job of that already from content to social commerce – it was all about helping them explain social to themselves in order to scale their approach. “Social at scale” is the challenge sophisticated brands are squaring up to right now – and once the principles are in place it is about systems, content supply chains, brand taxonomies and other complexities – but more of that another time.

We hope to be able to share some more useful information about this project soon, meantime: thanks to Nokia for the opportunity to work with them, Blast Radius who worked closely with us on this project and to Econsultancy for telling the tale…