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1000 B Corps in the UK – Why should you care?

By Brilliant Noise, November 2022. 3 min read. Posts

There are officially 1000 B Corp certified companies in the UK – and Brilliant Noise is proud to be one of them!

We’re celebrating this milestone with some seriously inspiring UK B Corps and brands including, The Body Shop, Coutts, Danone, Nespresso, and Simply Health; each of us hitting the highest and healthiest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Together, we’re helping to lift each other and our industries towards a more equitable, inclusive and regenerative economy.

While global standards in the wider business community still have a long way to go, we’re taking this moment to share why being a B Corp drives what we do at Brilliant Noise, and how we’re pushing the marketing sector to do better.

What consumers want

Based on long-standing trends, Kantar reckons the most environmentally conscious consumer group will make up 62% of the UK population by 2030. In other words, in about seven years’ time, brands that fail to prioritise sustainability will start losing out on more than half of their current market. Consumers are demanding that brands act as a force for good, especially amidst rising market anxieties post-COP27 and the lack of genuine progress reported.

2030 isn’t far off, and neither the planet nor our brands can afford a wasteful, carbon-greedy business as usual. Net zero is the number we should all be aiming for; to get there, we have to find ways to decarbonise (for good).

Not just a label

The B Corp stamp represents a lot more than a few ticked boxes or aspirational sustainability goals. It’s a measurable and ongoing commitment to the planet, society, our team, and our current and future clients; a solid framework for our dedication to providing brands with best practices for sustainable business.

With the B Corp community keeping us accountable, we’re able to credibly specialise in low-carbon marketing operations, helping our clients stand out to conscious consumers and decarbonise their marketing operations.

How we’re making marketing better

The core of what we do at Brilliant Noise is driven by our responsibility to have a meaningful impact on our industry’s standards. 

Along with the climate, consumer needs are changing faster than ever. Brands that want to stay relevant need to get their sustainability story straight, and start shouting about it.

We’re driving the movement by helping brands to genuinely be better and to tell the stories of the positive action they’re taking. The collective effect adds momentum and helps more consumers and businesses make better choices for the sake of the planet and society. 

We help global marketing organisations waste less budget, time and carbon by maximising their existing resources towards more effective and efficient marketing. All of our programmes are powered by our Test-Learn-Lead method, which enables rapid gains and long-term radical transformation.

Sustainability is the standard

If consumer demand and rising global temperatures aren’t lighting enough of a fire under the desire for change, legal requirements soon will. In fact, it’s already happening. For example, soon it will become a requirement for marketing organisations to disclose carbon output in general and subsequently when submitting their campaigns for awards.

The 1000 UK B Corps milestone is a big deal for the planet, society, business, and our inclusion in the list is a big deal for our clients. Get in touch to find out how working with a B Corp-certified agency can power your marketing teams to achieve better results and lead in the age of sustainably.