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Brilliant Noise is a strategic digital agency that helps organisations see and make their future.

Our services include...

  • Brand

    Create new brands, campaigns, and reimagine established brands to work in digital.

  • Content

    Tell stories only your brand can tell. We develop high quality, high impact branded content, editorial programmes and develop content operations for global brands.

  • Customer experience

    Get close and stay close to your customers. We use online and traditional research to understand your customer needs and how they experience your brand.

  • Culture change

    Develop the leadership and the working culture that your organisation needs to succeed in the digital age.

The Brilliant Noise financial services report and trends radar

How long can financial service businesses resist the disruptive influence of digital technology? With trust in banks falling and consumers looking elsewhere for faster, more flexible financial services, startups are boldly responding to the changing landscape with innovative ideas, new


Dots, a conference about connecting ideas. Innovation happens when things are brought together in fresh ways. Ideas from outside of your field can make a profound impact when brought into step with existing practice. Dots will celebrate ideas that have