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Transform marketing in 2017 with these insights from Universal Pictures

By Brilliant Noise, December 2016. Events, Posts
Earlier this week we held an action-focused breakfast briefing, featuring Universal Pictures, all about how to address the complex challenges currently being faced by marketing teams. We looked at how to prioritise initiatives that will make a real difference, and how to become a customer-first organisation in the digital age while keeping up with the day to day.

The journey at Universal Pictures

Chris Massey, SVP of Digital Marketing at Universal Pictures took us through their journey to become a more efficient and integrated marketing team.
We have to acknowledge that it has been digital that has driven these challenges. But the solution and the response is a fundamental marketing problem.
Working with Brilliant Noise, Chris and his team first set out to understand their current state as a global marketing operation, in an industry which has been transformed by digital.They found that the perception of Universal Pictures digital maturity varied across teams and markets. Chris used the insights gathered to identify priority areas and focus on driving tangible change, at pace, throughout the organisation.Moving forward from the initial research Universal Pictures created a new set of guiding principles to signal a new phase for marketing. They are now looking at how the studio can take a unified approach through collaboration and cultural adjustments, supported by unified principles to unlock their unique commercial advantage.Chris’s key takeaways from Universal Pictures’ experiences are:
  • Focus on people
  • Be fearless
  • Chart the unknown
  • Make a statement
  • Create a partnership
  • Keep moving – as if you stand still, you will become irrelevant

How you can rise to the challenge

In the digital age we know that to be successful in marketing, we need to put the customer first. Ambitious organisations are harnessing the value of marketing’s unique connection to customers and reorganising the business as a whole around the customer.Marketing needs to be:
  • Supported by data and insight
  • Built around creative content
  • Intrinsically connected into the organisation – to harness the true value of customer insight.
At Brilliant Noise we call this Connected Customer Marketing™.Reaching this state is tough. Typically budgets are tight, organisations are unsure if they should stick to what they know, or just do it all, and the market is full of noise. However, the biggest opportunity organisations have is to keep it simple and talk to customers on their own terms. This allows customers to connect with the brand, in a way that’s right for them, and brands to talk to their customers about the things that interest them.


To start on the journey to Connected Customer Marketing™  you need to understand your current level of digital maturity.We’ve created Sonar, a digital maturity assessment tool that helps you analyse your organisations strengths and weaknesses and identify your priorities to create lasting change.Sonar looks at seven critical factors across strategy, insight, operations, technology, leadership and culture and communications that are essential to digitally mature, customer-first organisations.As Universal Pictures found, many organisations have different perceptions of digital maturity across departments and teams. These insights help you to identify the priorities in your unique transformational challenge.You can find out more about Sonar and complete your own individual survey here.If you’d like to talk to us about your journey to journey to Connected Customer Marketing™ get in touch: