Brilliant Reads: diverse workforces and Bruce Daisley for Dots 2017

Brilliant Reads: diverse workforces, media influence and Bruce Daisley for Dots

By Brilliant Noise, June 2017. Posts

Bruce Daisley joins the speaker lineup for Dots 2017

Twitter’s EMEA VP Bruce Daisley has been added to the fantastic lineup for Dots 2017. Bruce is an award winning expert in new media and a workplace culture fanatic. His podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat asks the question “how can we be happier at work?” and features interviews with world-leading thinkers.

There’s just over a week to get your early bird ticket and save £50 – best get your skates on!

Why you should actively strive for a diverse workforce

Workforce diversity should be built into the heart of your business, starting with recruitment, as Global CMO of HP Antonio Lucio explains in this article.

When looking for the best talent, diversity is critical. Lucio points to findings from Glassdoor that 67% of job seekers strongly consider the diversity of an organisation’s workforce. Creating communications that resonate with customers is challenging, especially when the pace of change is accelerating. A diverse workforce allows a more diverse understanding of customer needs and behaviour.

HP has launched a series of recruitment campaigns with the message “HP is hiring, and talent is our only criteria”. Lucio believes that this has contributed to the company’s 30% increase in worth in the last 18 months.

HP global CMO: diversity and inclusion create the fire that stokes marketing reinvention Campaign, 4 minutes

The changing landscape of media influence

The recent UK general election highlights a growing shift in how political opinion is influenced. Traditionally, broadcast media and tabloids have had a massive influence on popular political opinion in the UK, owing to large audiences and readerships. This time it was online media that changed the shape of the election.

Online advocacy elevated the Labour party’s campaign. The pace that content like blog posts can be released is much faster than traditional media is capable of. BuzzFeed also found that online users were more aware of particular controversial Conservative manifesto issues. This was thanks to what they termed ‘hyperpartisan’ sites in support of liberal, leftist politics.

This is a concern for anyone relying on traditional media to spread their message – for example the Conservative party. While their traditional voters do consume print and broadcast media more than online media, they are an ageing population. Younger voters consume far more online content, meaning a change of tactic is needed to remain relevant.

How the newspapers lost their monopoly on the political agenda BuzzFeed News, 25 minutes

The problem with instant chat for teams

One of our core values at Brilliant Noise is flow – having the time and space to focus on a task. Like many organisations, we use team communications app Slack to collaborate with colleagues.

Slack is built around the concept of instant chat. A common criticism is that instant chat leads to distraction and sometimes a lack of transparency. It’s difficult to track how decisions have been made (Slack have recently tried to address this with a threaded conversations feature). The ‘online’ status feature can be problematic too, as it sets expectations about colleague availability.

Twist, a new communications app from Doist (the company behind the Todoist app), aims to combat the pitfalls of instant chat. It is built around transparent, thread-first conversations: you can set up individual conversations within a topic, and these are viewable by the whole company. Doist have found that, particularly for new employees, this lets people quickly get up to speed on why decisions were made. They have also opted to avoid online statuses, and have an explicit Time Off feature.

Why we’re betting against real-time team messaging Medium, 10 minutes

Reinventing your marketing career

Customers now constantly set (and change) the agenda for industries. This pace means that new roles are often created ad-hoc to meet emerging business needs. Collecting a wide set of skills and experiences outside the realm of traditional marketing is now required to progress within organisations and industries.

This can make it difficult to sell yourself for a particular role. Here are some tips:

  • Explore different areas of marketing. For example, even if you’ve not got technology experience, your experience in customer engagement can make you perfect to manage and give a tech-based team a customer-first focus.
  • Know your skillset, and be able to explain why it makes you perfect for a new position.
  • Communicate why your varied or unconventional skill-set is an advantage, not a distraction.
  • Be persistent and build a business case for yourself to get buy-in from others in the organisation.
  • Be clear about your strengths and values – it makes your integrity and interests shine through. Without this, moving from job to job looks indecisive, rather than tactical and driven.

How to mastermind a career rebrand Marketing Week, 8 minutes

Female empowerment through FIN

FIN is a Facebook group that has recently amassed more than a million followers by providing a safe space for women to talk about their oppression and experiences. Created in 2015, the invitation-only group was founded by Lola Omolola, who moved from Nigeria to the US in 2000.

FIN has become one of the fastest-growing Facebook communities, primarily among Nigerian women. The phenomenon hasn’t gone unnoticed; Mark Zuckerberg recently sat down to speak to Omolola about the group.

FIN was originally called Female in Nigeria; created to address women’s issues in the face of religious and social conservatism. It started as a blog, but what Omolola found is that women started sharing their own stories. In the future she sees FIN becoming more than a digital presence: providing centres for women to share experiences face-to-face.

Fin – the secret Facebook group of Nigerian women BBC News, 5 minutes

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