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Compound value: combining CRO & SEO

By Brilliant Noise, January 2019. Posts

Growing organic search traffic is a fantastic strategy that can help strengthen your brand, sales and efficiency. However, it is a long-term strategy. So how can you create immediate value without hindering the longer term objective of improving your search performance?

The answer lies in a combined search engine optimisation (SEO) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) programme. This strategy will enable you to improve both the amount of people coming to a website whilst making the most out of your current traffic.

The logic of this approach stems from the idea of compounding, this is used to show that small, incremental increases that are ‘re-invested’ can have a major impact over time. This multiplying effect can lead to a huge uptick in conversion results. Unlike turning the paid media taps on & off – organic traffic and conversion rate improvements can accumulate and compound over time.

The concept of making the most of your current customer base has been around for a while. Harvard Business Review claim it costs 5-25 times the amount to acquire new customers compared to retaining current customers. The same is true for acquiring new traffic from organic channels. This does not mean you can ignore acquisition, but it does highlight the need to focus on a dual optimisation approach.

So what is the actual value of using SEO and CRO together?

Let’s run through an example to showcase how SEO and CRO can work together to produce these kind of results:

1. SEO alone. Growing organic traffic takes time and hard work but will pay high dividends. Below shows a website adding 1% traffic each month through creating content that matches search intent:

2. CRO alone. Improving how often traffic converts can have an immediate impact:

3. SEO & CRO combined. Making the most of traffic + growing traffic is surely the way forward.

Of course, these graphs would not go up in such a linear way in reality. Seasonality, changes in the market, competition… all have their effects. However, this example shows the concept of compound value – adding up small incremental changes over time can lead to huge returns.

Adding in a CRO workstream to an SEO workstream can ensure returns are seen early. This is important to prove the value of optimisation; making the most of the traffic you already have. Giving you breathing space to develop a successful, long-term SEO programme.

The concept of compound value – adding to a success with more success – multiplies the benefits of both workstreams. This strategy relies on adding value regularly over time, and requires an ‘always-on’ approach to optimisation. It is vital that marketers don’t rest on their laurels when initial successes roll in.

At Brilliant Noise, we specialise in SEO and CRO programmes, but also at helping internal teams work smarter through capability building, you can read more about how we build capability here.

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