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Brilliant Reads: Sustainability Storytelling

By Brilliant Noise, February 2020. Posts

Telling a sustainability story

Last week we sponsored the Natural & Sustainable Consumer Trends Conference and heard how FMCG and CPG brands are tackling sustainability. It was a fascinating insight into how businesses are tackling challenges to do with sourcing, packaging and supply chain – the fundamentals of a truly sustainable business. 

We were keen to hear whether consumers are truly connecting to these initiatives and whether these stories are reaching consumers in a way that they can really care about them.

In this article, Frances, our Business development director, has written up her thoughts and learnings from the event. 

Renewable, ethical, sustainable – Telling your sustainability story

The advertising industry steps up to help climate change

We think it’s awesome that the Advertising Association (AA) has launched the Climate Action Steering Group and the Climate Action Working Group. The group’s aim is to see how the advertising industry can help the UK tackle climate change. 

As Stephen Woodford, the chief executive of the AA, said: “Advertising accelerates behaviour change and can be a real force for helping drive sustainable growth and social good. We saw this happening in 2019 with fantastic initiatives like #ChangeTheBrief. With ideas like this and many, many more, we have the opportunity to make a massive impact through the right action over the years ahead of us.”

AA forms action groups to tackle climate crisis

Everything we create pollutes, so make it count. 

When it comes to good storytelling in TV, literature or film, it’s easy to spot a dud. We’ve all seen it – a cliche here, a badly executed special effect there. It’s the same when brands attempt to express their sustainability journey. There are good, bad and, err, ugly examples. ‘Green-washing’ is a phrase we hear a lot at the moment, and it’s easy to see why with a few high-profile failures in the press. But what does good look like? How can you tell a real, authentic sustainability story without sounding preachy or face serious backlash for being hypocritical for selling your products? 

We’ve written a guide for authentic, sustainability storytelling. 

Create Like You Give A Damn

We’re becoming a certified B Corporation!

We’re really enjoying going through the process of getting Brilliant Noise Bcorp certified. Our team are more committed than ever to making our office life as environmentally conscious as possible. We’re slashing the air miles of all our fruit, nuts and drinks, and our founders Maddy, Antony and Jason have gone totally electric – inspired by the electric vehicle campaign we created for EDF Energy.

We’re growing our portfolio of brands who want to tell their sustainability story so we can do more work for good. #Createlikeyougiveadamn

Is there a brand benefit to being a B Corp?