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Create like you give a damn.

By Brilliant Noise, February 2020. Posts

Create like you care. Create like you mean it. Create like you really give a damn. 

Everything you create should have a purpose and be ruthlessly focused on the customer. Because otherwise why bother? Why bother if it’s not compelling? Why bother if it’s uninteresting to your audience? 

Everything we create pollutes. Whether that’s the products you make, or the content you create. It all has an impact. So let’s not create if it’s not brilliant. That way it’s better for the planet and better for your audience. 

Tell your brand story using a blend of data and creativity. Sculpt a narrative that’s authentic and resonates with your customers. How? Well, here’s a start. We’ve broken down the five elements of great storytelling. 


Creative ideas should never overshadow the aim of the content: to connect with the customer. Customer insights need to be at the centre of the creative process. Insights from tools such as web analytics and social listening platforms are crucial for creating content that matters. 

Ensure your story resonates with the right people by using data-led personas that are developed using real customer data. To keep the personas relevant, hold one rule close: never stop researching. Find answers to questions such as: 

What are our personas talking about right now?

Where are our personas posting content online?

Keeping up to date with customer trends informs the content you publish and ensures the audience you want to talk to is always listening. 


Authenticity lies with direct experience and honesty. Your story should be told through the eyes of real people to create a compelling story for your audience.  Harnessing the power of influencer marketing results in real and therefore, engaging stories. 

Using influencer marketing analysis, marketers can detect influential online creators that connect with their target market. Deeper insight into customer segments’ online behaviour can help determine the tone and language to use. Not only does influencer partnerships enable marketers to spread their message, it also guarantees the message reaches the right people. 


There’s one thing you must do for people to listen to your message: define your voice. Your voice is what sets you apart; creating emotional, lasting connections with your audience.

Telling your story using a unique and compelling brand voice forms strong and long-lasting relationships with your customers. What you say is important; how you say it is crucial – and your brand’s story shouldn’t be treated any differently. 

Regardless of what part of your story you tell your audience, you always want your content to be clear, concise and easily understood. 


People tend to switch off when you tell them things. To keep your audience captivated, you need to show them. The content you create must take your audience on a journey – and no journey’s smooth. Show your audience the trials and tribulations of transforming your processes with sustainable solutions. Show them what you’re doing to be better and what can be improved. Customers crave authenticity in a world full of bullshit. Being transparent about your struggles will resonate with your audience and urge them to join you on your journey. 

A great example of a brand using storytelling to express their position on sustainability, is Patagonia. They use their content to connect with their customers, not just sell products. Their platform is used to encourage good habits in their followers and others. They lead the way to being better by running various sustainable initiatives like recycling materials, mending customers’ garments and campaigning against unsustainable practices. 

However, the magnitude of Patagonia’s positive impact on social and environmental issues didn’t happen overnight. Make a start, take the first step – and you never know where you’ll end up. 


Create with quality in mind rather than quantity. Better content is giving people what they’re asking for or what they didn’t know they needed.

One way to create less but better is by repurposing content (basically the online equivalent to recycling). Don’t let content float around in the abyss – keep on top of auditing content to check whether there are any opportunities to revive its relevance.

Because, why not rebuild that tired, unsuccessful blog post lurking in the shadows of your website? All content needs a bit of love. You’d be surprised what you can achieve with some data, rewriting and a purpose. 

Everything you create from this moment must count. See how we can help you ensure it counts.