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We are B Corp certified!  

By Brilliant Noise, September 2022. 12 min read. Posts

We’re extremely proud to be a B Corp certified marketing agency. It means we stay honest, motivated, and focused on doing good for people and planet.

We help brands tell sustainability stories, and improve global marketing operations to cut out waste and carbon from campaign production.

Brilliant Noise has become B Corp certified so we can contribute to a more conscious, accountable, and purpose-focused economy. 

We are rigorously audited every three years to keep our B Corp status – this means we’re kept accountable and stay purpose-focused. 

The things that matter to us are:

  • Community: We’re all on the journey towards Net Zero together. The power of community is what will make sure  we get there faster. And before it’s too late. 
  • Humility: We know we can always do better. We constantly look for ways to improve and help our clients do the same. 
  • Curiosity: We never leave a question unasked. We always want to know the full story so we can work out how to move faster and inspire positive change.


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