The Vision Gap: content strategy for brands, a brilliant webinar

By Brilliant Noise, May 2014. Posts

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On Wednesday 11th June, from 4pm to 5pm (BST) join Antony Mayfield, Jason Ryan and Lauren Pope from Brilliant Noise for a free webinar, The Vision Gap: content strategy for brands.

Digital has changed customers’ relationship with brands. Content is the key area where this shift is being played out. Rather than having to ‘push’ your message on a customer, content offers the alluring possibility that they will want to ‘pull’ it to them.

For that pull to happen, you need to create the right kind of content: high-quality, engaging, and customer-focused.

The vision is clear, but in reality it seems a long way off. How can brands integrate paid, owned and earned media, overcome legacy marketing systems and organisational structures to win in the digital age?

In this webinar, we’ll cover the latest trends, analysis and thinking on content strategy, customer experience and brands. We’ll also talk about how we help businesses change the way they talk to customers, and overcome legacy systems of branding, marketing and customer experience.

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