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Stories That Scale: our new book about content

By Brilliant Noise, October 2014. Posts
Content is everything. It’s what you have to inspire the consumer, to answer their questions, solve problems, surprise, inform and delight them. The value of creating quality, customer focused content is well known – and great content teams and editors are doing it for many brands. But how do you make your content team work in a large company or internationally? How do you tell stories that scale?Stories That Scale is the title of our new book. We share models, insights and lessons learned working to help brands build content strategies and teams.Stories That Scale addresses three key content challenges:
  • How marketing is changing, with content at the centre of those changes.
  • How to make the case for developing your organisation’s ability to tell stories at scale.
  • Planning and preparing scalable content and earned media programmes.
We have produced a beautiful print version of the book, but you can also download a PDF copy here.Stories That Scale is also available as an audio book, listen or download the audio here.On Tuesday 9th December we held a webinar all about the challenges discussed in Stories That Scale, listen to a recording and view the slides here.