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Jon Woodwards: operations mastermind

By Antony Mayfield, April 2013. Posts
More Brilliant people to introduce you to. Today the very first person join Brilliant Noise after the founders, operations director Jon Woodwards.To be able to build the kind of agency we wanted, we knew that the most important thing would be to have systems that work – ways of planning, working with partners, making sure projects get delivered on schedule and to the highest standards possible. When he arrived at Brilliant Noise, Jon was tasked with building this “operational engine”. That everyone who has joined the company after him has commented on how well the systems here work is no small testament to the man’s tenacity and graft.Jon was a colleague of many of us when we worked at iCrossing, where he was Head of Delivery Management. He also has many years experience in project management (with all of the logical thinking, patience and attention to detail that that implies).A recent evacuee from Brighton to the beautiful Sussex countryside, Jon’s an accomplished motorcyclist having biked across most of Europe.