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It’s NOT about numbers — how to grow your social channels

By Brilliant Noise, August 2021. Posts

Want to grow your social media channels? Of course you do. Your brand’s message matters, and the more users you have sharing and caring about your content, the louder your voice will be. 

There are countless hacks and tactics out there for growing your social followings. And, sure, some of them work. But is nurturing the numbers really the goal here? Well, in the age-old struggle between quantity and quality, we’re damn sure where we stand.

Numbers mean nothing if your audience isn’t connecting with your brand in meaningful ways, but there’s no shortcut to those quality exchanges. What does it take to get there? A creative, integrated, and purposeful marketing strategy that’s relentlessly consumer-focussed — that’s what.

So, we’re putting your marketing strategy in the hot seat with four key questions to get you on the way to delivering quality social media content your followers will love. From there, the engaged, loyal following your brand deserves will slowly, but surely, get growing.

1. Who are you?

What you do, say, and celebrate on social media is a huge extension of your brand. It is your brand. So, let’s not take it lightly. The clearer your understanding of your values, voice, and who you are, the more authentic and engaging your online presence will be. 

On social media, your marketing strategies won’t go anywhere (no matter how brilliant they are) without the help of your audience getting really stuck into your content. So, take the time to establish an accessible voice that users relate to.

People want to hear from people, so remember to keep it human. You’re not a faceless company talking to the masses, you’re an individual talking to individuals.
Netflix knows a thing or two about entertaining an audience, and their Twitter is no exception. Witty, down-to-earth, and charismatic as hell, Netflix uses Twitter with a well-established TOV (tone of voice) to connect with users in their own language. Focus on personality, not products.

2. Who are they?

To connect meaningfully with your audience, you need to know who they are, where they spend their time, what content they want to consume, and when they want to consume it. Phew! — that’s a lot of boxes to tick, and it’s no guessing game.

Let’s face it. Really knowing your audience is about humanising the data and creating clear personas that are constantly regenerated around the customer’s changing needs. It’s about being responsive and alert to your consumer, keeping on top of that two-way exchange.

But it doesn’t stop there. Your audience personas also vary from channel to channel. So, you’ll want strategies that update according to the specific opportunities available on those different platforms.

GoPro really has this down. With healthy followings on each major platform, they’re strategic about the content they post on each — never missing an opportunity for quality interaction. Using Twitter and Facebook for customer outreach, Instagram to showcase user-generated content, and YouTube for aspirational, informative videos, GoPro’s marketing strategy uses platform-specific content that always centers the consumer’s story, no matter where they are.

3. Who are we?

Establishing the relationship between you and your audience really matters. What are you offering your social media following, and what can they give back? Are you a friend? An advisor? A source of inspiration, information, or support?

Can’t pick? You don’t have to! A great, integrated marketing strategy can mean flexing your purpose across the different media channels and tailoring your content to suit the audiences ready and waiting for you there.

Your product should only be a chapter of the love story between you and your consumer. By defining your role in your consumer’s online world, you can nurture quality engagement and be a truly useful source that keeps loyal audiences coming back.

Gucci has shown a particularly integrated approach to channel purpose over on Instagram, and we’re mega inspired. By creating Gucci Equilibrium a separate page for their sustainability campaigns and comms, they’ve nurtured a focussed community for activism and education around global issues. Clear platform, clear purpose.

4. Who do you want to be?

Don’t hold back. Got a great idea? Use it! Not sure if it’ll work? Who cares; try it! Don’t pour cold water on creativity – let it burn bright. Only by being brave can you create content that audiences can’t wait to engage with and share. And that’s how to get the word out and start growing a meaningful, engaged following.

Your marketing strategy should be fresh, fearless, and flexible enough to try new things and get them out there all the time. In 2021, times are as unpredictable as ever, so we’ve entered the age of experimentation.

By constantly testing, failing, and figuring out what works, your marketing strategy will grow and mature out of real-time conversations with the consumer and their changing needs. This is social media after all, not just a platform for one-way broadcasting.

Mattress brand, Casper, set the example in 2019 by being brave and branching out. The Casper Sleep Channel is a free Spotify playlist (also accessible via IGTV and YouTube) designed to soothe listeners into a great night’s sleep. While experimenting creatively with less typical social platforms, Casper extended their value way beyond just the product and really stood out in the crowd of content. 

Big followings aren’t everything, especially when they’re built from a bunch of disengaged ghosts. Creating content that gets zero engagement is just wasteful, and that’s bad news for your brand, your budget, and the planet.

But, by focusing on dynamic, data-led content creation, your social channels can grow into real assets of your marketing strategy, no matter the shape or size. That’s what quality growth looks like.

Sound good? Sure it does! Get in touch today to find out how an integrated marketing strategy can help supercharge your socials and connect you with audiences in new and meaningful ways.