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How turns Fans into Buyers – MarketingFinder webinar video

By Antony Mayfield, March 2012. Posts

A week or so back, I was asked by MarketingFinder to host one of their webinars, called Turning Fans into Buyers. The video’s now up on the web, so I wanted to share it here (at the foot of this post).It focused on the experience of online retailer (now Rakuten) using the EngageSciences social marketing platform. I’d heard a lot about this software from our client Nokia, who have used it very successfully to generate sales of their handsets, so I was really interested to hear more.There’s some really practical stuff in here about generating Fans in Facebook, competitions, etc. But the section that really caught my attention was the ability EngageSciences gives you to segment and analyse your followers by levels and type of engagement – the image at the top of this post is a screen grab of this feature.This is really powerful stuff, as it puts the emphasis back on personal relationships and connections with customer-advocates, rather than the de-humainising trend to track the big numbers and chase hollow “Likes” from promotions.Anyway, I’m glad the video is up – chairing a webinar means you are trying to listen to the presentation while simultaneously keeping an eye on Twitter and chat / questions from the audience, so you miss some of the content. Looking forward to listening again…
Turning Fans into Buyers from EngageSciences on Vimeo.