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Growing Agility ebook for Nokia published

By Brilliant Noise, March 2014. Posts
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 10.57.52We’ve just published a new ebook, Growing Agility, with our client Nokia. It’s the fourth ebook in the Smarter Everyday series, which looks at productivity, collaboration and how technology can support you at work, and it’s about learning to use change as a catalyst for innovation.Many of us like to think that change is rare – a one-off event, with a beginning and an end. The reality is that change is a constant state – nothing stays the same forever.If we accept that change is a constant, rather than a stand-out event, we have a choice of two courses of action: we can ignore it, keep our heads down and try to carry on as normal; or we can take the agile approach, welcome it and look for the opportunities it offers.Knowing that you are agile – that you can react quickly and accurately – makes change less intimidating.Agility is liberating, it makes you stronger, it makes the things you can’t see over the horizon, the obstacle in your path, an opportunity rather than something to fear.Ultimately, growing agility is about rejecting the idea of ‘business as usual’ and acknowledging that the world we live and work in means this just isn’t possible.Growing agility starts with you, and making sure that you are agile in your emotions and behaviours. But if you share your ideas and discoveries with those around you, it can spread into every corner of the organisation you work for, making it better equipped to thrive, make opportunities out of challenges, and become a little smarter every day.We also made this animation with our friends at FatSand Films to help explain the concept:
Download a copy here and please do let us know what you think.