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Eureka, we’ve found a brilliant use for Vine

By Brilliant Noise, June 2013. 12 min read. Posts
Made Of Stone - Storystream
I was in Manchester last week for the premiere screening of Made Of Stone; Shane Meadows’ wonderful new documentary about The Stone Roses (on general cinematic release from tonight). Brilliant Noise was on-site with a team of smartphone-wielding colleagues stalking the red-carpet, while in the production suite I used Storystream to curate the event live.It was a hectic, exciting and truly inspiring experience.We’re going to be telling the full story in a case study at a later date, but I just *have* to share my initial impressions with you right now, because I think this just might be the future of digital storytelling…Five things I learned from telling the Made Of Stone story using Storystream:1. The impact of a wall of Vines is enormous. While curating the content, I felt as though I was an agile, lightweight version of the traditional televisual Vision Mixer. To me, Vine provides a truly liberating breakthrough for broadcast media, and I can’t wait to see more ‘Vinecasts’ like this. 2. Smartphones are a powerful, responsive tool for live broadcasts. I see no reason that the phone in your pocket should not be all you need to report from location now (goodbye cumbersome shoulder-mounted cameras!).3. Being able to see multiple angles of a single scene makes the subject matter more compelling. Filming an interview is one thing; having enough feet on the ground to show footage from three different angles is something much bigger. Before seeing this in practice I thought it would feel excessive but it doesn’t; it feels useful.4. A collage/stream of public opinion provides deeper insight than time-lines alone. By positioning two opinions side-by-side, the story is revealed by the content, whereas assembling a linear single-column timeline (like traditional news feeds) forces the user to keep digging deeper to extract the wider context.5. Everybody can always spare you 6 seconds for a ‘Vineterview’, no matter how busy they are. Explaining to somebody that they have just six seconds to answer a question is an easy, fun technique to get to the heart of the matter.I’m sure that more revelations will come to mind as we give this further thought, but for now, these are my raw reactions to a great new way to use Vine. Serious reconsideration of the format is in order…I’d love to hear your take on Storystream, Vine, and the evolution of broadcasting, so if you have something to say, drop me a line. – @toddsjordan