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Brilliant Reads: our magic formula to influencer marketing

By Brilliant Noise, October 2019. 12 min read. Posts

Welcome to the latest edition of Brilliant Reads, a monthly round-up of everything that’s been getting us excited lately. Written by our team of experts, bringing clear and concise insights directly to you.

In this edition, we’re sharing the story of how we created a hugely successful influencer-led campaign, smashing our target view time by 733%, and the lessons we learnt along the way.

Our integrated influencer event

Recently, we hosted a rather marvellous Brilliant Noise event with our client EDF Energy and top influencer agency Gleam Futures. The focus was on the power of influencer marketing – when done right.

We wanted to host an event about the nuances and strengths of influencer marketing using a recent campaign we produced as an example. The work had solved some complex problems for our client, so we were very keen to share our thoughts, the insights and results with our community.

What did you miss?

We produced a branded content campaign for our client, EDF Energy, called Electric Adventures. We achieved an average watch time of 03:40 on YouTube which outperformed the typical 30 second watch time expected for traditional TV advertising by 733%. 

With their new end-to-end electric car package offering, we needed to solve EDF Energy’s biggest challenge: how do we launch a new and unexpected proposition from an unexpected brand to a largely uninterested and disengaged audience?

Our answer – data-led creative. First, we looked into search opportunities – what was the current state of content about electric cars, what were people searching for, what did they want to know, and what questions and confusions did they have?. We wanted to make real stories of fear, discovery and adventure to answer these questions

From here, Electric Adventures was born – an influencer-led road trip to bust the myths about electric vehicles. Or as we prefer to call it: How a road trip can get you new friends. Because after all, the best way to sell something: don’t sell anything.

The magic formula

There’s a magic formula for successful multi-channel influencer-led creative marketing campaigns.

At Brilliant Noise, we call this magic formula Integrated Influencer Marketing.

When you have the right collaboration partners, the right mindset, and the right vision, you’re able to achieve those magic moments everyone wants. You can create the stories that people want to spend time with. 

This is how you achieve an average watch time of 03:40.

Here are a few of our favourite influencer campaigns that have demonstrated how impactful it can be to collaborate with those that share values and create authentic content for their audience. made its customers their influencers only have eight showrooms in Europe. So the vast majority of their potential audience doesn’t have the luxury of visiting a showroom. They needed to be able to build confidence in their online audience so they felt comfortable enough to make big and expensive online purchases with the brand.

As a response to this challenge, they invited their customers to post photos on their social media using the hashtag #MADEdesign. The brand then used the user-generated content in a wider advertising campaign, so customers could see the products styled by real people, in real-life settings. By using the best uploads, the brand could elevate their brand advocates as well as build trust for the wider consumer market online.

We love this campaign because not only does it help build a sense of community for the brand’s fans, but it enables them to be part of’s marketing in an authentic way. content producers that have a genuine connection with their audiences and advocacy for your product or service is essential when trying to connect with your target audience and generate impactful results.

Head of Brand Advocacy, Laura Spearman says, “I want to build relationships with people so that they naturally become advocates of the brand, so they’re not just talking about us because there’s some commercial benefit”.

Dove’s #ShowUs project

Dove found that a significant amount of women (72%) didn’t feel represented in media and advertising. They wanted to change this figure and create community-driven content driven by confidence and inclusion.

Dove partnered up with Girlgaze, Getty Images, women and non-binary individuals everywhere to create the #ShowUs project – the world’s largest photo library intended to shatter beauty stereotypes. With over 5000 images, Dove are offering a more inclusive vision of beauty to all media & advertisers.

They expanded the project to social media, working with female social media influencers across 39 countries. The influencers shared photos of themselves to encouraged their followers to post content to strengthen the repository with Getty Images to showcase the diversity of women all over the world. This allowed Dove to spread their brand message, encouraging their followers to be unfiltered and proud of who they are. 

This campaign showed how well Dove knew their audience and the importance of using real people to deliver their brand message. 

Casper’s pawfect campaign 

This one’s an interesting example. Similar to how we helped EDF Energy launch into the brand new space of electric cars, Casper – the e-commerce mattress company –needed to promote its new product for dogs. 

They formed a pack of the most popular canine influencers across social media. The influencers had a combined following of over 3.5 million and all attended a launch party complete with ‘pupperazi’ live-streamed on The Dodo – an online outlet for animal people. The twenty canine influencers also posted content on their own channels from the launch party that featured Casper’s new product. 

With this product launch, Casper demonstrated how impactful it can be to work with the right content creators. Their private event meant that they could build long-lasting relationships with the perfect influencers who have access to the new audiences Casper needed. 

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