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Announcing Social Media Live: Storystream at brightonSEO

By Antony Mayfield, September 2012. Posts
As part of Brilliant Noise’s support for brightonSEO we created story of the day from Tweets and Instagrams posted during the event.The whole thing was a pilot of our Social Media Live service, and the app was powered by a fantastic start up we have been working closely with, Storystream.The app also gave you the event schedule, but most of the fun was in seeing the content our editor was selecting (live on the Brilliant Noise stand) and posting the live stream.It looks good on a desktop browser, but I prefer the tablet and iPhone rendering of the stream. If you are using a mobile device add the link to the desktop for the full experience.Here’s a gallery of iPad screenshots, in case you don’t have a tablet to hand… Storystream technology lets our Social Media Live content team create an instant web app with a live tile-based look and feel, similar to apps like Flipboard or the Metro UI that Microsoft uses.At live events we can curate the best social media content and mix it up with our own on-the-ground journalists, photographers and film crews (all of whom may be the same person, depending on resources).Storystream was also in action this weekend, providing an app for the Goodwood Revival. It looks absolutely gorgeous (again – take a look on an iPad or iPhone and add to your homescreen). PhotoNow that the Social Media Live service has been tested live, as it were, we are going to be using it for all sorts of content projects where real time participation by a crowd or audience can be mixed up with professional content.These first experiences have taught us a lot, both about how to improve the service and how powerful the Storystream app can be in getting people excited and involved in creating a story – and because it looks so beautiful, it is something that can last. A kind of app memento or virtual souvenir…It’s early days for this service, but we have been developing packages for:
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Launch events
  • Conferences
  • Sports events
  • Concerts
  • Live TV
We’ll keep you posted as it evolves…If you would be interested in finding out more about our Social Media Live service or talk about a joint project, get in touch or leave a comment below…ZZ43A73704
Image: Curtain call: Kelvin has left the building…