Using employee advocacy to put the customer first

Their needs

Jaguar Land Rover needed to achieve an ambitious goal. By 2020 it wanted to be in the top five of competitor brands for customer experience. To achieve this, it needed to become customer-first and to create experiences that customers and employees love.

The action

We delivered an impactful behaviour change programme that inspired and provoked change throughout the marketing, sales and service division, across 21 markets. We did this by designing five Customer First Principles for employees to use and be guided by every day.

We spoke to employees across the business – collecting 1,000 pieces of verbatim insight, 1,946 opinions, recording 300 stories of the Customer First Principles in action and producing 35 story telling videos. We combined these insights with creative and compelling messaging to encourage all employees to make change.

The change

The programme was executed across 21 markets in 12 languages. We engaged and trained a network of champions to continue this internal work and we continue to support the programme’s success through storytelling, events, workshops and recognition.

The benefit

89% of employees think the Customer First Principles are critical or very critical to business success, 94% openly support the Customer First Principles and 79% have been inspired to make a positive change in their work. In addition, 66% agree it is ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ to apply the Principles.

The business now has a change approach that is proven to work. Learnings from the pilot in marketing, sales and service are now being used to inform an organisation-wide rollout.