User experience design

Every customer experience with your brand should be both easy and positive. We focus on optimising every single touchpoint – making your customers happy, and boosting your sales.

Our customer and user experience services include:

User experience (UX) analysis and design

Whenever a customer interacts with your brand that’s an opportunity for UX analysis to find and propose solutions for customer pain points. We’ll highlight the context, intentions and expectations of customer actions – then we’ll implement the best way you can serve those needs through new design or product improvements.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

Boost conversion rates through a programme of continuous improvement using proven test methodology. CRO is a way of maximising revenue from your existing website. We implement onsite A/B testing and find out what method brings you the most revenue.

Customer experience benchmarking

Get a 360º view of your customer experience. Understand where you excel at customer experience and where improvements are needed. We’ll visualise this so you can share with your organisation – and we’ll go through how this is measured.

Customer journey mapping

Get a thorough view of the customer journey from first interaction with your brand through to purchase – and beyond. Map journeys and get the full story on customer experience, so you can diagnose and cure any weaknesses.

What are the benefits?

  • A strong overview of your customer and how they interact with your brand online
  • A chance to see any weaknesses and change future experiences
  • Certainty about what is bringing you return on investment (ROI) and what isn’t

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