Personas put the customer and their needs at the centre of your planning and communications. They ensure your marketing activity is effective and customer focused. To be actionable they must work in the real world, which is why our approach goes a step further than just theory.

It’s essential to keep personas fresh, relevant and practical. We use real-time social listening and web analytics tools to gather information on your customers’ digital behaviours, attitudes and activities. We also use traditional methods for collecting data like surveys, interviews and desk-based research to get both qualitative and quantitative data. So, as the marketplace changes we can iterate your personas.

What are the benefits?

  • Get a realistic representation of ‘typical’ customers based on their demographic and behavioural traits
  • Understand your existing customers based on aggregated quantitative and qualitative data
  • Know what messages and incentives work best for your customers, and how to solve their pain points

Case studies:


The dream of data-driven personas

The personal problem: how to connect with your consumers’ emotional reality

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