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Marketing capability is the key to brand health and even survival

How brilliant is your team at creating modern marketing? Specifically, how fast, efficient and effective is your team at creating marketing content and getting it to a consumer who wants to see it?

Marketing capability is a response to complexity. Changing consumer needs, advances in technology, challenger brands and disruption to the path to purchase have challenged the operational efficiency for which marketing organisations were built.

Ambitious marketing leaders need new ways of working to take advantage of the opportunities the digital economy presents.

We’ve spent the past 10 years transforming marketing capability for many of the world’s leading brands to enable:

  1. Confident understanding of consumer needs and behaviours to drive growth.
  2. Empowered, agile, experimental and digitally fluent teams.
  3. Faster decision-making, production and distribution of marketing.
  4. Lower costs through media and supply chain, less waste between teams and global markets
  5. Retention and higher morale from developing collaboration culture and growth mindsets.
Brilliant Noise made our marketing better by changing our mindset – from brand-centric to consumer-centric. That’s the great opportunity of the digital age – using data and new channels to talk to consumers – and it needs new capabilities in marketing teams.

Alessio Gianni

Global VP of Digital, Content and Brand PR, Barilla


Let’s explore what a marketing capability programme or pilot can deliver for you.


How to inspire your in-house team to reach new consumers in new ways

Brilliant modern marketing capability means:

  • Creating marketing content knowing there is a consumer who will want to see it.
  • Using data to inspire creatives *and* to convince business of the value of marketing investment.
  • Agile, experiment-led ways of working that constantly improve, reducing costs and lifting results.

It’s simple enough to state this ideal, but like you we know that the challenge of achieving it is immense.

Google is older than your youngest creative and your CFO was born when telex machines were the fastest way to get a message to head office. How do you get them to share a common vision of what world-class marketing looks like in the digital age?

You have a global team with different consumers and different media habits and cultures in almost every country. Competition for consumer attention is fiercer than ever, and while there is more data than ever about their behaviour, it still seems confusing and almost impossible at times to know what is working and what isn’t. Every week there’s a new trend, a new scandal about advertising fraud or privacy.

Your marketing team needs to be always learning, know enough to make sure you know your customer, that agencies know what they are talking about when they present media plans, to know whether Clubhouse is going to be the next Twitter or the next Foursquare and invest precious marketing resources accordingly.

This is marketing capability. This is what Brilliant Noise can build for you.


Brilliant Noise deliver complex marketing capability programmes to the high spec we demand and do so across diverse cultures. They use modern tools and simple design to give us what we need internationally, despite the sudden suspension of travel during the pandemic. All of this is delivered by a team of senior professionals who work well with each other and with our people. I’m so happy with what we have from working with Brilliant Noise.

Grant McKenzie

CMO, Asahi Group

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