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Influencer marketing


It’s all about attention, relevance, and trust.

Customer journeys are becoming more and more complex in the digital age. It’s time to get smart, meet audiences where they are, and cut through with engaging content and authentic experiences.

Influencers are content creators who can supercharge your creative marketing and help you reach new audiences in new ways. They’re also crucially part of pop culture which means they take up a disproportionate place in consumers’ lives. They’re real people who command real attention. And smart brands go where the attention is.



You can:

  • Increase awareness, engagement, and positive sentiment for your brand
  • Outperform other media like TV advertising
  • Grow brand visibility in search engines by building links and domain authority
  • Reach new or niche audiences
  • Speak to your audience on their terms, with the right message, in the right place, at the right time

Brands we’ve helped


Tactical one-off influencer activity is great if you want a short-lived burst of energy and attention. To make your investment go further, we integrate influencer activity with the rest of your marketing plan and customer touchpoints. This means we help you partner with great digital talent and work with them to make sure your collaboration works as hard as it can.

Integrated Influencer marketing partnerships deliver real ROI because they consider influencers as long-term creative collaborators, part of the complete customer journey from awareness, to consideration, to evaluation.

The best influencer marketing examples happen when brands and influencers work together to integrate content across all marketing channels, including your social media and website content, SEO and CRO strategies and every different touchpoint paid ads, email, TV and your ATL activities to help maximise reach and engagement –


When EDF needed to launch their brand new electric vehicle offering to a previously untapped audience, we created a multi-channel, fully integrated, influencer-led campaign –

Electric Adventures.

Because this data-led creative campaign was fully integrated with organic content, paid media and involved site updates and technical SEO, we launched EDF into the automatic space with huge success and achieved:



minutes average viewing time


above the average for TV advertising and the target EDF set for us


minutes landing page dwell time


above average for landing page dwell time

Top of Google

search for “electric car lease”

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“Brilliant Noise know their stuff when it comes to influencer marketing. At EDF, we know first-hand that their method can create magical results. We’ve used it to create our hugely successful digital campaign.”

Katharine Baker

Senior Manager, Brand, and Marketing Communications at EDF Energy


  • Audit
    We use tracking software and data-led personas to spot people who uphold your values and are already influencing your audience or reaching new, niche audiences you can cut through to.
  • Strategic marketing
    We develop creative proposals for how online influencer partnerships can help you achieve your overall brand and marketing goals, and find the right metrics to measure success in your sector.
  • Multi-channel campaigns
    We manage outreach, relationships, and communications to produce quality influencer-led marketing campaigns tailored across unique channel metrics and audiences. We negotiate fees, usage, production and filming, logistics, contracts, and distribution.
  • Consultancy
    We produce creative training programmes and global operations to build your in-house influencer marketing capability. Your teams will learn how to integrate influencers into your marketing strategy for the best long-term results.


Still confused about all this? Well we wrote the book on Integrated Influencer Marketing. Literally. Read to learn and learn how to make better marketing with online creators for brilliant results.

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