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So, why influencer marketing? It’s all about the attention. Smart brands go where their audience is. And when you’re there, you need to grab and hold their attention.

With influencer marketing you can:

  • Increase awareness, engagement and positive sentiment for your brand
  • Outperform other media like TV advertising
  • Grow brand visibility in search engines by building links and domain authority
  • Reach new or niche audiences
  • Speak to your audience on their terms, with the right message, in the right place, at the right time

You get long-term success from influencer marketing when it’s fully embedded and in sync with your wider marketing strategy.

Small, tactical influencer activity might deliver short term gains, but it won’t deliver any long term benefits. That’s why we offer Integrated Influencer Marketing – making sure your influencer strategy compliments your overall brand marketing strategy.

Integrated Influencer Marketing

We like to talk about integrated influencer marketing rather than just ‘influencer marketing’. Integrating influencers makes sure you make the partnership truly successful, deliver ROI and true value. 

We put the emphasis on ‘integrated’ because it means considering influencers as part of the complete customer journey, rather than a one-off tactical activity. 

If you integrate influencers throughout your different touchpoints – organic, paid, email, TV, ATL, whatever marketing you’re planning, you’ll release more of their potential to help you reach and engage people. 

It works best when integrated with all your activity – your marketing, your SEO strategy, CRO, website and all your content on all channels. The results are amazing. 

Brilliant Noise know their stuff when it comes to influencer marketing. This book lays out their method, which at EDF, we know first-hand can create magical results. We’ve used this method to create our hugely successful digital campaign. Couldn’t recommend the book enough.

Katharine Baker

Senior Manager, Brand and Marketing Communications, EDF

A great evaluation of where we are NOW with influencer marketing, also a practical and useful framework for getting it right.

Neil Perkin

Director, Only Dead Fish

Really useful for explaining how to get commercial value from influencers – how to really make those partnerships work hard and get ROI

Ange Morris

Long-term Brilliant Noise client

A great read for all marketers that are struggling to find a results-focused method to make better influencer marketing. Brilliant book!

Alessio Gianni

Barilla Global Director of Digital & Content Marketing

As a brand, it can be so hard to know where to spend your money that’s going to deliver on ROI. That’s totally true with influencers until you have a proven method. This book explains what method brands should use to get real VALUE. Highly recommended.

Jamie Cornforth

Chief Marketing Officer, Munchkin

We’re award-winning influencer marketing specialists

We’re a leading UK influencer marketing agency.

We won Best Use of Video at the Influencer Marketing Awards 2020 for our Electric Adventures campaign for EDF.


What we do

1. Audit
We spot the opportunity by using influencer tracking software to find the people who are already influencing your audience or influencing niche or new audiences you want to reach.

2. Influencer marketing strategy
We develop creative proposals for how influencer partnering can help you achieve your overall brand and marketing goals.

3. Multi-channel campaigns
We manage outreach, relationships and communications to produce influencer-led marketing campaigns. Including negotiating fees, usage, production and filming, logistics, contracts and distribution.

4. Consultancy
We produce creative training programmes and global operations to build your influencer marketing in-house capability. Your teams will learn how to integrate influencer marketing into your marketing strategy for the best possible results.


Integrated Influencer Marketing in action

We created a multi-channel influencer-led campaign for EDF when they launched their brand new electric vehicle offering. 

Because the campaign was fully integrated with organic content, paid media and involved site updates and technical SEO, we achieved:

  •  An average view time of 3 minutes and 40 seconds – 733% above the average for TV advertising and the target we were set 
  • Ranked top of search for “electric car lease” on Google
  • A dwell time on the landing page of 3 minutes and 54 seconds – 194% above average

Cut through the Hype

Read our book on integrated influencer marketing. Learn how to make better marketing with online creators, for better marketing and better results.
Cut through the hype

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