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Global Marketing Operations

Reduce marketing waste and increase global content efficiency. Save time, money, effort and carbon by transforming your global content operations.

Planning marketing on a global scale is always complex. On the one hand, central marketing teams want to maintain and scale a consistent brand narrative. On the other hand, local marketing teams need content that’s culturally relevant and can be personalised for specific customer segments.

And that can lead to problems: content that isn’t used because it isn’t relevant to local markets, new content being produced to replace it, lots of unnecessary duplication year after year, channel after channel. This leads to bureaucracy, waste, and unnecessary carbon emissions.

All this adds up to a triple hit on the bottom line:

  1. Inefficient use of time and energy at all stages of the content process,
  2. Unnecessarily large production costs as content is adapted or recreated,
  3. Under-performing campaigns in-market.

In complex times, when budgets aren’t getting any bigger, marketers need to do more with less. So, what’s the solution?

Make less, but make better. 

Create once, use everywhere

If a brand creates a global campaign once, but with assets designed to be localised in all markets, it wins back time and money by cutting duplication.

Producing content toolkits for global campaigns is time-intensive and often wasteful. We have found that up to 48% of all marketing content is never used. 

We produce assets that allow local teams to personalise for local audiences, cultures and seasons, which drives more engagement and sales. 

When created with local adaptation in mind, central campaign assets get  used more and cost less. In one BN Marketing Transformation™ pilot programme, 80% of content was used, where the norm from previous campaigns had been 60-80% waste. 

It’s the ultimate method for making less, but making it work harder.

Sounds good, right? That’s only the tip of the iceberg…

Why optimise global marketing operations?

Optimising your global marketing operations means you can:

Increase the value and ROI of individual assets
The more global assets are used, the more value and ROI they deliver.

Stop paying local agencies to do the same thing
Increasing the usability of your global assets means you can reduce the production of net newness in every market every time you have a new campaign.

Improve operational efficiency
The easier the content is to adapt, the more likely local teams are to activate and use it. Time and effort is used more efficiently, from content planning right through to market activation.

Increase trust and harmony between global and local teams
Central teams maintain consistent creative oversight; local teams have more control over their campaigns, are able to solve their own problems and tell highly localised, personalised stories.

Develop a better measurement system for content
When you can see how much of the content is being used and in how many markets, it’s easier to work out the ROI for content spend vs content use and performance.

Decarbonise marketing from the inside-out
Less wasted content means less wasted carbon, allowing you to cut day-to-day operational emissions, accelerate towards net-zero targets and transform for the age of sustainability.

What we do

We reduce content marketing waste and improve its utilisation and performance. Most marketing teams need resources to go further. So we cut the effort, time, budget and carbon that goes into global campaign planning and production, freeing-up resources to turn into innovation funds, working media, or cost savings.

We’ve helped brands like adidas, American Express, Nestlé and Orange be more sustainable with their global marketing – both by increasing the lifecycle of their campaign content and by reducing carbon caused by asset duplication.

We create a centralised hub to manage and focus marketing campaign planning – creating content toolkits that are ready for market use. We supply hero and campaign assets in components so that they can be used in multiple formats, languages and uses in the future.

Marketing Campaign Planning and Production

We deliver quality, data-led, customer-first and digitally driven creative content ready for market localisation that provides increased performance, with better use of budget, less labour and less waste.

Global Content Capability Building

We work to discover and understand global content needs, opening up strategic spaces for communication, collaboration and alignment across central and local marketing teams.

Together, we develop test and learn projects to deliver new ways of working, new content models, measurable higher performance and savings in budget and carbon in a matter of weeks. 

We power the engine for better marketing: creating stronger, constantly improving marketing capability and operations that create more desirable, effective and efficient campaigns.

Atomised Content

We create atomised content toolkits for global rollout – assets that are made to be remade, split into their component parts, and tagged, ready for distribution and localisation. This improves the overall utility of marketing assets and means you can produce new marketing materials from pre-existing assets.

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