Digital analytics, research and insight

Make your marketing efficient, tailored and targeted with our data analytics, research and insight services. Invest in the right content and promotion at the right time.

Our digital analytics, research and insight services include:

Customer research

We get out and speak to customers to hear what they care about.

Before we use any digital tools, we collect qualitative data through face-to-face interviews, stakeholder surveys, customer surveys, desk-based research and competitor research. When we need large-scale insights, we use Global Web Index (GWI) to research groups of UK or international customers.

KPI (key performance indicators) and business reporting

Become a data-driven business with us. Base decisions on solid data and be clear about the performance of different teams, business areas and marketing campaigns.

By working with you to understand KPIs, we can design a reporting framework to make sure you have the right information at the right time and reduce reliance on manual report building.

We’ll report on your business metrics, website, campaign and channel performance to understand how we can enable your strategic and tactical activity.

Social listening

Social listening is the best way to understand what customers are saying about a brand or campaign. With this data, we can understand more about how customers feel, who they are, and the kinds of brands they engage with.

Social listening can be used to monitor a single product, a whole brand or a campaign. It can also be used as a research tool for developing personas, strategy or content production. We use our partnership with Brandwatch to set up your social listening and create reports and dashboards that help visualise the outputs.  

Web analytics and tag management

Transform your marketing activity with highly detailed, online customer behaviour data from web analytics platforms like Google Analytics.

Tag management is a cost-effective and simple way to add tools and tracking onto websites. We’ll ensure a tag manager account is set up correctly, and we can offer ongoing management.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a process that allows you to measure the value of a visitor to your site based on their behaviour. If someone visits often or spends a long time hovering over certain pages; this tells us something about how likely they are to buy a product or service. Understanding which customers are more likely to buy helps improve your targeting, messaging and sales management.

What are the benefits?

  • Get the right information at the right time so you can make smart marketing decisions
  • Plan new campaigns targeting specific demographics, channels and topics to maximise engagement with customers online
  • Get a higher return on investment by planning marketing based on real insights

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