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Creative services

Create beautiful content that inspires your customers and smashes your ROI targets.

We believe great creative has the power to change. To change minds, to change opinions, to change the way we understand the world and how we relate to it. We produce campaigns that not only capture attention but truly resonate with the audience. Well researched, produced and timed creative will tap into people’s emotions and help them bond with your brand. It’s time to get your audience to sit up and listen. It’s time to create beautiful things.

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it

Brands have great power – to set trends, to respond to their audience and what’s going on in the world. But it’s not just about what’s said. Communication is more than instructional text on a screen – it’s about motivating words, metaphors, fonts, images, colours, emotion, film. When you’ve decided what it is you want to say, you then have to find the right way to say it.

And that’s where we come in. We always start with insights. Our creative comes from data – we use research as the basis of all our creative exploration. This ensures that the creative is not only beautiful and moving but inspires and actually resonates with your audience. It will speak in your customers’ language about their wants and needs and answer their pain points.

“Our brief to Brilliant Noise was a difficult one – how do we, as an energy company, reach and engage people with our electric vehicle offering. Their data-led creative solution – Electric Adventures – a multi-channel influencer-led campaign exceeded all our expectations, smashed all our targets, won us multiple awards, and we’re repeatedly used as a best-in-class example of how to do data-led, influencer campaigns.”

Kate Woffinden

Brand manager, EDF

Why invest in creative?

Increase ROI for every campaign
Develop data-led, creative campaigns that inspire your audience, give them the right content, in the right place, at the right time and meet them at every step of their decision journey with you.

Create brand loyalty
Increase loyalty and make your customers proud to choose you over any other brand. Show them with bold creative that you understand them and you’re leading the future in your sector.

Boost brand awareness
Reach an audience who will love everything about your brand. Get the word out there and make people sit up and listen. And ultimately, pick you over anyone else.

Inspire people and yourself
Creating beautiful things is a reward in itself. We can put helpful, gorgeous, exciting creative out in the world – not only to inspire others but inspire ourselves and love the brand we work with.

Stand out from competition
Competition is fierce, but you can be the brand that people stop and stare at. Be noticed and once you’re noticed, show your audience why they need your product or service.

What do we do?

Our skilled creative team works together to deliver harmonised campaigns – all our creatives have individual specialities that bring you a complete creative offering. Every piece of content we produce is never for the sake of it – it always answers a customer need or desire.

We design full creative campaigns with the support of our data team, elements of this include:

Brand development
We develop a brand from scratch or revitalise current brands.

Animation and films
We compose storyboards and films, completing filming with our partners. We also create a wide range of animations to bring life to content.

Graphic design
We design inventive and eye-catching designs that enliven your brand assets.

Creative content and strategy
We write short-form content including social posts (as well as calendars and content strategy) and long-form content (including blog posts and website or brochure content).

Influencer marketing and strategy
We create entire influencer marketing campaigns; which involves finding and managing the talent and working with them to build impressive content.

Creative workshops and strategies
We hold creative workshops and sessions to create data-led campaigns your customers will care about and produce holistic creative strategies.

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