SEO and brand marketing: Brilliant Noise at brightonSEO


As the mighty Brighton Digital Festival continues, Brilliant Noise has got involved in brightonSEO this year, as a sponsor, and I’m speaking today too.

The slides from the talk are below, and this is the gist of the presentation: 

  • The theme we picked was SEO & brand marketing.
  • Post-Panda & Penguin the opportunities for SEO are still great, greater even as we stop treating it as direct response and explore its potential. Brand marketing, the whole shebang, is a real opportunity.
  • SEO professionals have an opportunity to be key players in an even bigger market now.
  • The market correction in brand spend is real: brands are switching budget into non-paid media. That means us.
  • Integrated Earned Media is the key: To be a coherent alternative to paid media approaches, earned media needs to scale, to mature.
  • But integrated disciplines need to pull together: Arguments about social vs SEO, content vs social, SEO vs content are a distraction. In reality they are utterly dependent on one another to achieve success.
  • Regardless, speak to CMOs and brand marketers’ needs in their own language – think about their priorities and language – stress the benefits not the features of SEO.
  • If in doubt focus on the customer’s behaviours and needs – SEO can help brands get closer to customers and understand them better at every stage of the consumer decision journey.

Our paper on our social media marketing strategy work with Nokia that I referred to, can be found elsewhere on our blog.

  • Ciaran363

    Hi Anthony, I was at your speech on Friday and found it really interesting. I think the industry as a whole is still wading through it’s infancy trying to work out the right language to expalin exactly what it is we do and why.

    Keep up the good work!

  • amayfield

    Thanks, Ciaran – very kind of you to say so! 

  • BPO

    congratulation brilliant noise for become one of the sponsors.i am completely agree with you that the SEO sector has given a lot of opportunities and in future it will give more.and this would be very good for many who are involve with it and has interest to it.

  • Jaceekaylen

    I do agree with all the points you have presented in your post. You’ll be able to definitely see your excitement inside the pieces you write.