A cookie is a text-only piece of information that a website can store in your browser. Find out what cookies we use on the Brilliant Noise website and why.

What is a cookie?

A cookie assigns your browser with a unique identifier and has an expiration date that tells your browser how long to store it. Within the time it is stored, it can remind the website what your preferences are and gather details of your usage for analytics purposes. When you make requests to the site, the cookie will be sent along with the request.

Cookies are useful for websites that require logins and have other advanced features such as social sharing, personalised information, and online stores.

What cookies do we use?

We use three cookies:

  1. We use a tool called Google Analytics, which helps us to keep track of how people use our site. It helps us to improve your online experience as a user of our website, as it enables us to better understand usage patterns.
  2. We also use Addthis, a third-party website tool which manages user sharing preferences and sets cookies as part of its user measurement and analytics features.
  3. Finally, we use Disqus, which sets cookies that are used for the comments on our website. It also provides track backs and analytics data.

How do we use these cookies?

We use the information stored in cookies to improve your experience of our website. All of the information we collect through cookies is anonymised, and we never share this information with third parties.