Teams That Flow – our latest ebook created with Nokia

We’ve just published our latest ebook with Nokia – Teams That Flow.

[slideshare id=28800989&doc=teamsthatflownokiaatwork-131202045255-phpapp01&type=d]

It’s a guide to building a team that flows, with beautiful design and illustrations from our partners at Endless. (Endless based some of the characters in the book on members of the Brilliant Noise team – see who you can spot!)

We’ve also made this accompanying animation with FatSand Films:

If you’re not already familiar with concept, flow is what’s going on a psychological level on those really satisfying occasions at work, where you’re productive, engaged, confident and operating at your full potential.

A lot of writing about flow focuses on how to achieve it as an individual, but teams can flow too, and when they do, the results can be amazing.

When a team is in flow, it’s innovative, harmonious and productive. Being part of it improves the performance of each member. Communication is purposeful and clear. Friction is seen as an opportunity, not a personal threat. Location and time zones pose no barriers.

The book explains the concepts and elements you need to create flow, before moving onto the practicalities of harnessing the power of collaboration, working alongside technology, and leading a more productive working life within any team.

As with the other ebooks in the series, Design Your Day and Mobile Mastery, I learnt a lot while researching and writing it.  It’s changed my perceptions about the relationship between team work and innovation, and given me some new ideas for how to work better with others – I hope you find it useful too.