Brilliant Reads: responding to AI-enabled futures, filter bubbles and how to read more

We’d also like to send huge congratulations to everyone inducted into the BIMA 100 last night, including our own CEO Antony Mayfield – a truly inspiring list of people shaping the digital industry.


Reacting to the rise of machine learning and AI

Machine learning and AI, and the technologies that they enable, are just at the start of their life cycle. Their potential is vast, and the changes they might bring profound.
Taking autonomous vehicles as just one example: apart from their likely impact on the gas and oil industries, how might autonomous vehicles change the ways in which we live? How might we construct our cities when vast amounts of parking are no longer needed and roads are designed for AI? How will this affect the ways in which businesses operate?
In this blog post, Benedict Evans explains the need for businesses to respond to this change, and the changes in consumer behaviour brought about by it, if they are to survive.

Ten Year Futures
Benedict Evans, 7 minutes

Tread carefully down the path of customer experience

Providing excellent, personal customer experiences is critical to the success of organisations. Having a granular understanding of your customer will enable a culture with them at the heart, and this should lead company.
Though companies are now recognising this, many are still taking shortcuts and falling short as a result. You have to provide real value to your customers, otherwise they’re not going to want to build a relationship with your brand. As our own Maddy Cooper points out in this article, you can’t just throw a bunch of content marketing at customers and expect a genuine connection to form between yourself and your customers. It needs to be customer-led, both at the internal operations level and at the customer experience level.
Customers take the lead in a true experience business, 5 minutes

Audiences aren’t aware of their filter bubble

A recent study by the7stars and Newsworks found that the majority of consumers surveyed didn’t know what ‘filter bubble’ means, and how the phenomenon might affect what they see online. News consumers would prefer to find news without the use of targeting algorithms to be able to discover new information and ideas. However, the study also found that consumers are generally positive about receiving well-targeted advertising, even if it’s unexpected.
By making the needs and wants of customers top-of-mind, brands can take advantage of this opportunity by targeting customers  with surprisingly (to the consumer, at least) relevant  marketing content.

Majority unaware that search algorithms limit their content access
Research Live, 2 minutes

A workplace wishlist from a woman in tech

It’s a long-standing problem that the workplace can be tough for women working in technology. In this post Leigha Mitchell, a developer at Hubba, outlines what she looks for in a company before deciding it’s the right fit for her.

  1. Women at all levels of the business.
  2. The company actually upholds their culture, allowing people to grow, work well together and celebrate each other’s achievements.
  3. Opportunities for development exist and are encouraged.
  4. It shouldn’t be an issue  that you’re a woman in the business, but if problems arise   the company supports you 100% and addresses it.
  5. The company appreciates and acknowledges your skills and contribution to the team. When you’re struggling with work, the company supports you and helps you grow to overcome that. Leigha points out that a sense of imposter syndrome can be particularly poignant for women in tech. She finds that genuine conversations about  performance and how to improve are  key.

I’m a woman in tech, and this is what I want in a company
Leigha Mitchell, 2 minutes

Is influencer marketing at an end? Not by a long shot.

Influencer marketing is going through a period of change. Recently, new laws around affiliate marketing  have resulted in very public slaps-on-the-wrist. Though these are undoubtedly problems that influencer marketing has to face, they by no means signal its end. Brands will always want to establish long-term engagement beyond commerce and build relationships with their customers. Influencers can do this.
Giants like Google, Amazon and Adobe have all entered the influencer industry – a sure sign that influencer marketing is set only to advance.

Influencer marketing is not a fad
Campaign, 3 minutes

A guide to reading books for the busy

Reading can be hard when you’ve got work (and life) to contend with. In this GQ article Kevin Nguyen gives us a rundown of his tips to finishing a book a week.

  • Read in the morning
  • Read on your commute
  • Use your phone
  • Stop reading bad books just to say you’ve read them
  • Read at the library
  • Read multiple books at once
  • Read during ad breaks
  • Track what you’ve read

How to read a whole damn book every week
GQ, 4 minutes

What are the blockers to digital transformation?

Building a digital mindset and leadership at senior management and capability across the organisation will create the digital culture and customer focus needed to thrive in the connected age.

We’re holding a workshop on the 16th of May for senior  decision makers to hear how other leading brands, including Tata Communications, are approaching the challenge of digital transformation.

There are a very limited number of places left, get in touch to request an invitation.