Resilient Brands workshop: notes and slides

Last week, at the fantastic Century Club in central London, we hosted the second in our series of Brilliant workshops. The pragmatic and inspiring session focused on how to build and develop brands in the digital age. Brilliant Noise Senior Strategist Isabelle Quevilly led a group of marketing and brand executives through a set of guiding principles and best practices for remaining competitive in a rapidly shifting digital landscape.

The key message? Successful leaders must create ‘resilient brands’. These are brands that share a common purpose with their customers, build a system of advantage, and deliver a consistently outstanding experience.

Isabelle introduced the group to the three main components of the Brilliant Noise Resilient Brand concept:

  • brand as belief
  • brand as strategy
  • brand as experience

Attendees then broke up into small groups and worked through exercises to identify a brand’s common purpose and work through the Brilliant Noise connected planning model.

As part of the event, we also conducted some ad hoc polling. We asked the attendees to identify which elements of the connected planning model (which you can see in the slides below) best described their marketing and brand programmes. The majority said they found themselves working in individual channels, and their efforts were reactive, fragmented and siloed.

It is interesting that having a customer-first approach to brand communications is something most brands struggle to implement. The connected planning framework is a great tool to enable any brand to become more customer focused, to work around one holistic purpose, be always on and engage with customers at all stages of the customer decision journey.

We would like to thank all the participants for their time and energy. Watching the quality of interaction and industry camaraderie was a real privilege.

[slideshare id=49113953&doc=20150608resilientbrandslideshare-150608094351-lva1-app6892]


We will be creating a podcast of the key moments from the session, be the first to hear about new episodes by subscribing to the Brilliant Noise podcast here. You can catch up on our recent experience design workshop via the slides and podcast here.

Our next workshop will be looking at culture change, and how the digital approach can create lasting instances of change. The workshops are invitation only, if you would like to attend please contact