Bruce Daisley: why we need to reinvent workplace culture

Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is EMEA VP of Twitter and a workplace culture fanatic. His podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat focuses on how to promote happiness at work.

Bruce is a regular commentator on new media and technology and has won many awards for his contributions to the industry. We spoke with him about social media platforms and why workplace culture has to change to tackle growing pressures on the modern workforce.

What does a good workplace culture look like?

I’m just convinced that work used to be more fun and the evidence backs that up. The average person is working 2 hours more every day since the advent of email on phones. To build better cultures we need to understand the science of our brains – and the changing demands on us. That way we can reinvent work.

What’s the biggest challenge to developing a workplace culture that works?

Right now technology is growing exponentially. Our phones are getting better at making demands on us, and serving our needs. Work has barely changed: we’re still expecting people to come to work to meet, but also to deal with 200 emails a day. We’re just piling more on people – and it’s no wonder people are feeling overwhelmed by it all.

How do you see social media platforms changing in the next five years?

We’ve already seen what’s happening. We’re opening different apps for different things. One for friends, one for glamour, one for news, one for work. This will happen more and more. No doubt with a few new things thrown in too.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

I grew up on a council estate in Birmingham. My dad was ill and couldn’t work for much of my life. My mum (we say mom in Birmingham actually) worked hard to ensure we could eat. I feel immensely lucky that I was able to get some of the jobs I’ve had. Sadly I think the same opportunities are no longer available to people from my background.

What can we expect from your talk at Dots?

I feel we need to start building a manifesto of how to reinvent work. I’m working through what I think that looks like and more than anything I’m desperate to hear other people’s contributions to that debate. It’s long overdue.

To hear more from Bruce, as well as the other fantastic speakers, join us for Dots on Friday 29th September – get your ticket.