Published!: Lessons from Nokia’s global social media strategy

Today Brilliant Noise has published its first paper on social media strategy: Stories, Numbers, Conversations: Nokia’s principles for social media marketing.

We discussed this project a few months ago when eConsultancy wrote a lovely piece about it, but now we are able to share a great deal more of the detail of that project.

It was created as part of our work with Nokia’s global social media team, helping define a set of working principles to spread best practices in social media marketing among its thousands of employees around the world.

The principles we helped them define have been a great success at Nokia, but in truth the project probably influenced Brilliant Noise as a company just as much. It gave us the opportunity to pull together a large number of case studies about best practice in social media marketing from other companies and think deeply about the things that lead to success – the principles are specific to Nokia, but are also ones we feel we could subscribe to ourselves.

I’ll write some more about the lessons we learned soon, but for now these are some of the things we think are most interesting about the paper:

  • Social at scale: This is the thinking of a company moving beyond instances of success in social media marketing and investing in an approach that can scale in a global organisation.
  • Principles for action: Setting principles for digital strategy is tough work, especially in a large organisation – these are thought through as a framework for action, with implications and examples.
  • Case studies: We’ve included case studies from Nokia’s own social media marketing alongside each principle – these are just plain interesting in their own right.
  • Transparency: It’s a company “talking to itself in public” – sharing a view of how it is changing.
  • Social marketing to business: These are marketing principles, but the trajectory and the ambition are clear – it is a step along the journey of becoming a social business. The mind-set and the models that are being used at Nokia are really interesting for anyone interested in social business.

So we’re very grateful to Craig and his team and Nokia not just for the opportunity to share the lessons and the company’s principles, but for having such a strong influence on how we think about social media and strategy.

On Friday, September 7th, Brilliant Noise will be hosting a webinar  about the paper, hosted by Antony Mayfield, with Craig Hepburn, Nokia’s Director, Digital and Social Media. You can sign up for a place on the webinars on the same page.

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