On publishing

Publishing is a fascinating industry, one that’s often talked about at Brilliant Noise.

As well as being readers of books and journals alike, we have between us written and commissioned books and ebooks. Last year when we published our paper on Nokia’s global social media strategy, we had some printed by the excellent Generation Press. There’s still something wonderful and compelling about paper copies, even as we read more and more on screens.


Then there’s the “brands as publishers” mantra that the earned media marketing crowd have been chanting for some time. We invoke the Red Bull Media House and the Burberry and ASOS content teams as our demi-gods and pray for more to follow their lead.

What about the publishing industry itself? If acting like a publisher is the route to success, how are they doing with the digital challenge?

A little while ago we spent some time together looking at what publishers need to think about to develop digital strategies. The document posted below sums up of our point of view and some of trends emerging (sketched out on a trends radar diagram).

We want to spend more time looking at this sector – some of the innovative companies and business models emerging are inspiring and relevant to anyone in digital.

A couple of favourites were the audio models – a Spotify for audiobooks, Bardowl looked really interesting – and the range of self-publishing approaches – if you haven’t seen Unglue-it, Blurb and Atavist before – they are worth checking out.

Publishing: Digital strategy and trends, by Brilliant Noise by Brilliant Noise