New Brilliant Noise report: Supercharge Your Video Strategy

Our new report looks at common issues that get in the way of great video content, and tried and tested ways to supercharge your strategy.


Video is booming. It accounted for 64% of web traffic in 2014 and is expected to reach 79% by 2018. Facebook autoplay videos alone get one billion views each day. Customers are coming to expect it. And with brands and publishers like Red Bull and Buzzfeed investing heavily, the bar is being set higher and higher.

There’s no doubt that video has a crucial role to play in the content mix, but a significant number of brands still aren’t getting it right.

It’s all too common to see brands that approach video without the focus and strategy that they give the rest of their marketing. This leads to an ad hoc approach, one-off briefs and unclear objectives, and overall, a missed opportunity.

We think a more strategic and customer-centric approach is needed. In our new report Supercharge Your Video Strategy we look at how you can develop a successful video content programme.

In the report you’ll find:

  • why video is too important to ignore
  • common problems that get in the way of great video
  • six tips that will get you on the right path

Download your free report now.

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