Neil Perkin: the insight and inspiration of Dots

Neil Perkin

Neil started working in digital at the height of the dotcom boom and hasn’t looked back since. He’s worked with a range of fantastic organisations including the Financial Times, Warner Bros, Samsung and Marks and Spencer.

What sort of work do you do at Only Dead Fish?

Only Dead Fish is a small, but perfectly formed consultancy that helps businesses navigate through the complexity of digital and technological change to maximise their agility and effectiveness. This touches on marketing and content, but increasingly the much wider field of digital transformation, and involves consultancy, speaking, training and writing.

How did you get your start in digital?

I fell into it while at IPC Media (now Time Inc), at the height of the dotcom boom, when it was all a bit of a roller coaster. And I liked it so much I stayed.

What work are you proudest of?

Setting up my own consultancy and running it successfully for six years has been a complete learning journey all the way, but an amazing one nevertheless.

What’s the biggest challenge you think the industry will face over the next five years?

The successful marriage of data and creativity is something that is a continually shifting dynamic – and one that we can easily get wrong (or very right) in the pursuit of progress.

What’s the biggest challenge you predict you’ll face over the next five years?

I’m a company of one, so, if I’m honest, the biggest challenge is likely to be one that I’m fortunate enough to have long had to face – how to maximise the use of time.

Out of all of the businesses you’ve worked with, which is the most forward-thinking digitally?

Every company is different, but I like a lot of what the Financial Times has done – and the Guardian. But outside of companies I’ve worked with, I’m a big fan of what GE and Burberry have done to transform their businesses.

What do you hope to hear from this year’s speakers?

Insights, inspiration and more insights.

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