Muriel Lotto: bringing digital to Western Union

Muriel Lotto

Dots speaker Muriel Lotto is known for being a catalyst for change. Her role at Western Union means she is responsible for digitising the 165 year old brand and setting the pace for competitors.

We spoke with her about how marketing at Western Union is transforming, and how she sees digital making more possible.

How has Western Union embraced change?

We have always been an innovative company, from inventing the telegram over 165 years ago to creating the remittances category. Today is no different; we continue to lead, innovate and transform our business to meet the needs of our consumers

As digital makes more possible, how do you see financial services changing in parallel?

Our vision is clear: to be the leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement and for this to be true, we need to meet the needs of our consumers across multiple platforms, online and offline. We are working hard to bring together our long expertise in cash and the best technology in digital to offer choice to our consumers – both individuals and businesses. We have a unique ability to combine cash and digital accounts, something many of our competitors cannot do. We offer the best of both worlds.

What’s most challenging in reinventing marketing across a global organisation?

Two things are really critical. The first is changing the mindset of our own teams and of the business leaders. We do a lot of coaching, guiding and rolling our sleeves up to problem solve together. Second, reconciling perceived local differences. We do a lot of consumer research focusing on similarities, rather than differences and this year we implemented a completely new media approach which we have called the über consumer and it’s really starting to pay off!

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

I don’t know if it is my greatest achievement but it’s certainly one of my proudest! In November 2015, we launched a purpose-based campaign in 144 markets and in 2 languages to bring our purpose ‘moving money for better’ to life. We called it ‘chain of betters’ because at Western Union, we believe moving money for better means moving money for a better world – creating value for individuals, businesses and society.

The Chain of Betters initiative gives people in communities across the globe the opportunity to help create a better world. We have received more than 3,200 total entries from 57 different countries and we have awarded almost 200 betters which have been implemented or are currently being implemented in 39 different countries. Nearly 200M views have been generated of our films documenting some of our most amazing entries, with a 98% positive sentiment and over 11% engagement on facebook (vs a 1-2% category average). So yeah, I am proud!

What can we expect from your talk at Dots?

Lots of passion and energy and a compelling story of how we are digitizing a 165 year old brand, which is a huge challenge but also a fantastic opportunity!

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