Microsoft Mobile Smarter Everyday video

This is a video showing our branded content work for Microsoft Mobile’s B2B thought leadership programme – Smarter Everyday. Our good friends FatSand created the video with us and also worked on animation content throughout the programme.

Smarter Everyday was inspired by insights from neuroscience about how we can work more effectively if we understand more about how our brains work. We combined these in the first of four books – Design Your Day – with ideas from IDEO’s founder Tim Brown about treating “each day as a prototype” and went on to look at teams, digital literacy and organisational agility.

It’s been a great programme to work on over the past couple of years and has deeply affected the culture of Brilliant Noise. We talk a lot about how to help individuals and teams hit their flow state and how we can think critically about technology in our lives.

As well as learning a great deal about the topic, working on the Smarter Everyday programme has given us a few insights worth sharing:

    • Starting with the customer leads to better content. We began this project by researching what CIOs, the target audience, and their networks were interested in. Judging by the state of most tech B2B content the “leveraging enterprise mobility” and whitepapers about security was and always would be what would grab their attention. But CIOs are actually a fascinating, engaged, curious bunch – their shares on Twitter and LinkedIn showed many were interested in the potential for technology to help people do more with their technology and overcome modern afflictions like information overload and email paralysis. Once we had this insight about customer needs, sharing the latest thinking and science on productivity and technology was obvious and sparked some great creative thinking.
    • How to live and work with technology is a universal theme. We started out with CIOs as the audience, but everywhere we took the content – from psychology conferences to tech events at Bloomberg – the books were snapped by all kinds of people. Everyone wants to know how they can work smarter, avoid feeling overwhelmed by tech and just achieve more.
    • Investing in high quality content gives long term value. The Smarter Everyday books, videos, workshops and events have been hugely successful and the content has proved to have a long life, certainly by the standards of digital media, where a tweet has a half-life of a few minutes and a blog post can fade away after a couple of days. Two years after the first research and content work began, the books are still being downloaded, videos are being watched.