Make your organisation connect more in 2016 – notes & slides


Connections were the focus of the 2016 digital transformation briefing Brilliant Noise hosted with Forrester’s principal analyst Martin Gill this week. The challenge for most businesses is how to connect both with their customers and across silos within the organisation.

In front of an invited audience of marketing, digital and transformation leaders, Martin and Brilliant Noise CEO Antony Mayfield shared insights and key actions for CMOs, CDOs and transformation leaders in 2016.

Here are just a few – see the full deck below for more:

  • Digitise your business strategy and create clarity around its ambition, how the business will address challenges and what the way forward looks like.
  • Break down massive, unwieldy transformation programmes into instances of change you can rapidly learn from, iterate and scale.
  • Unleash creativity and create new opportunities through co-creation with customers and collaboration across internal divides and with agencies.
  • Rethink the design process by intertwining business model, customer experience and technology design – start with deep collaboration at every stage of how you design, develop and deliver new products and services.
  • Build content operations that allow you to sustainably and efficiently deliver real-time, relevant and responsive content.
  • Ask the right questions about customers and use data to get closer to them.
  • Invest in your digital culture through strategic, action-oriented learning and development programmes that deliver real, measurable change from day one.
  • Equip your leaders to inspire and create growth in the digital age – but give them the confidence to get out of the way as soon as is needed.

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