Make your content connect more in 2016 – notes & slides


Ryan Skinner: media-centric vs customer-centric content marketing

In his talk ‘What we talk about when we talk about content marketing’, Forrester’s Ryan Skinner suggested that there are two different kinds of content marketing: media-centric, and customer-centric.

Media-centric content marketing is an evolution of brand advertising. It looks to drive awareness and metrics like impressions and engagement. It can create a lot of reach, but doesn’t necessarily help your customer.

In contrast, customer-centric content marketing is an evolution of direct marketing. It aims to meet customer needs and drive ROI rather than retweets.

Ryan suggested that brands should focus on customer-centric content marketing, and allow it to drive the creation of their media-centric content marketing.

Antony Mayfield: signals for 2016

Brilliant Noise’s Antony Mayfield introduced attendees to the concept of ‘content shock’. This is where content faces the reality of supply and demand. As brands invest and produce more and more content, it has to compete for the same pool of attention. As a result, lots of content marketing is performing badly. But content shock isn’t inevitable: focusing on content operations, real-time communications and connected customer planning will mitigate the risk and produce better content.

Key issues in content for 2016 are:

  • Redefining content: making sure you are defining content in the right way and avoiding the lack of clarity in a lot of the market.
  • Upgrading operations: process is a power source. Improving your operations and investing in your people will have a huge impact not only on your efficiency of your processes, but also on the effectiveness of your content.
  • Focus on quality: thinking more about the quality of your content than the quantity. Analysing whether you are publishing your content at the right cadence, how relevant your content is to your audience, and how effective your distribution is.
  • Newsrooms: many brands are investing in newsrooms, which are at the edge of customer and content experience innovation.
  • Single customer view: aggregating all your customer data, to inform useful personalisation and customer intelligence.
  • Intelligent content: creating content in a way that separates information from the way it’s presented. This means you can create content once and publish it anywhere, making it truly adaptable.
  • Blockchains: More than just the technology behind Bitcoin, blockchains can create secure, stable databases for many different needs.
  • Changing advertising landscape: programmatic, adblocking and social relationship platforms are all disrupting advertising. It’s time to start thinking about what the long-term impact might be.

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