Kobi Omenaka on podcast dos and don’ts – The Brilliant Noise Podcast

In these short, sharp podcasts we share insights into what makes the Brilliant Noise team tick – whether that be marketing, technology or a great book.

We regularly host the Brighton Podcast Meet-up – for people with podcasts or the podcast-curious to meet and share ideas and stories about podcasting. It’s organised by our senior creative consultant, Todd Jordan and this time our guest speaker was Kobi Omenaka.

Kobi has a wealth of experience in the podcasting world – he is the host of The Wire: Stripped, has hosted podcasts for the Guardian, helped to launch the British Podcast Awards, and co-created the Flixwatcher podcast.

We gathered in the Brilliant Noise office one evening to hear Kobi’s journey into podcasting from engineering – and later on, grabbed a few minutes with Kobi to find out his tips on podcasting, how the podcast community has evolved and the value of podcasting for a business.

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